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Chap. 22. ¿n Expafision upon the Book of J b B. Verf. 4. 3 Fears makes mencruel!, and they are molt ready tohurt others, who continually fufpeft hurt from others. Ir bath b.en an ancient Obfervation, that Cowards are martherotu and revenge- full while a man feares that fuch a man will be his ruine, he ruines him ifhe can, and removes that out of his way which he fuppofeth handing in the way of his own fafety. Why did `Pharoah givecommand to flay the Male- Childrenofthe 7ewer, and oppreffe that people ? It was upon a vaine or cowardly fear, Come let us deale wifelywith them, ball they multiply, and it come to paffe that when there falleth out any warre, theyj»yne alfo withourenemies, andfght agai.flan, andloget them up out ofthe Land, (Exod. t. i o.) It is faid at the 7th verle of that Chap. that the Children of Ifrael.werefruitful! and (God fu!Ifil. lingherein his promífe made to Albrakam)encreef-dabcunda,.t yi and multipliedand waxedexceeding mighty, and the Land was filled with them. When God thus calla gracious eye upon them, `Pbaroah and his Councellers caft a jealous eye upon them ; and began to fufpeEftheir multiplying might at Taft dfminifh him, that there riling might prove his ruine. Therefore upon reaf n offíate he muff find out a way to lupprefîe and keepe them u.i- der as flaves and bondrnen, whom his Anceftors received as welcome guefts, and had to that day, enjoyed as faithfull friends. Pharoah beingcaptivated with this feare, law no way to free.. himfelfe,but by taking away the freedome of that whole people. As force through the prevalency of their own feares dare notdoe jut#ice, to others through the prevalency of feare doe that which is unjaft. Take one inftance more, why did He- rod (Matto, 2.) fend out to flay all the Children ? It was for feare of. the King ofthe yews, he was afraid ofChrift, and therefore that he might murther him, he nave that horrible fentenceto flay all the Infants. Again, fon$e reprove and judge upon a due feare, foras Tyrants and wicked thenare full offear becaufe full of cruelty, and have fufpicious thoughts that o- thers u if wrong them, becaufe they have a minde to wrong every man : fo jnft and righteous Magiftrates when they fee e- vili working, they muff reprove and punifh it left it fpread to the endangeringofthe publick Peace. This is a juft feare, and fuch as becomes man, even a man of courage and integrity; filch