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ihb I''Itlpn l'4 -3 z Chap.'.2 :. fln Empofstion upon the Took of JO B. Verf. 4. $TeriJà tram eft tuckMay fear that if (editions fpirits be let alone, theywill un- Tuu9, 4uod in- deimine a whole Nation, and deftroy thoufands. A Magiftrate Aim rter ar umeahn. reproves and Judges Theeves and Murtherers out offear that if Jart' I.i;pkfi,z.ex ,i they encreafe no man (hall livequietly. Such as either openly or rioref eq.enrer fecrerly contrive evil! againtt a Nation, the Magiftrate from a -7"f" our vche uft ground offear deals with them and reproves left they fhould mrncrw7 a.cec. d dì (o )ere [eve itturbe or infeft the whole. i rsrern rn tiro- But the Lord cloth not reprove any man for fear of him, he gando fuppl co. is of fuch infinite ftrength and ftability, fo far out of the reach Pined. ofall the plots and contrivances of the wicked, that he needs not call them to account left they fhould hurt his ftlte, pull him out ofhisThrone,fpoyle his Kingdome,or get his Dominion fromhim ; theLord is not afraid ofany ofthefe things, butthe true reafon why the Lord reproves wicked men, is, becaufe he hates their iniquities,and is a Godoftruthand judgment. Though Magittrates may punith not onlyout of the loreofRighteoufnes and Judgment, but becaufe they feare a (late may be ruin'd if they doe it not, yet the Lord hath none of this feare, in regard of his State, but he doth it meetlyout oflove to juftice,and asa ha- terofwickednef e. He reproves man becaufe he bath finned againft him, not becaufe he is afraid ofhim,as Elipha.c thewes in the words which follow. I!;