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gi 31, Chap. 22. An Expofttion upon the Booke of J o B. v him tohave done, is twofold ; firft an ad of inuftice, taking a pledge, in the fiat verfe ; fecondly, an act of uncharitablene fe, ftripping the naked, in the fame verfe. Both which evills, or mifcarriages towards the honett poore are aggravated (ver. 8.) by his undue connivence at the wic- ked rich ; as he was too fevere againft the poore, fo he was o- ver- favourable towards the great, and mighty; But a for the n.sghty man he had the earth,and the honourable man he dwelt in it; as ifhe had'faid ; Thou didit neverfit thyfelfe to doejuft ice upon . the,great ones,be they anddo they what they will,they have the earth, thoudidji never putforthor exercife thy power tofuppreffe and op- pole their in/oleneies, thyedge was turnedonly againft inferiorones; That tookrß a pledge from the poore, andhaft 'tripped the naked of their cloatping. His finnes of omiflìon are expreffed in the 7th verfe; Thou haft not given water to the weary, thou hat witholden bread from. the hungry ; and in the 9th vente, Thou haftPent widdowes away empty, and thearms ofthe fatherleffe have been broken ; Which may be either taken thus ; Thou haft broken their armes, or thou haft not given thy help; and afliftance to reftore, and re- lieve them when broken. Thus we have a light into the mean- ing of theft five verfes, as they are a charge of finne upon vb. \Ter. 5. Is not thy .wickkednefegreat ?` Thequeftion may be taken two wayes ; either con eetural- ly , and doubtingly, or afTertively, and afiirmingly. ü'`ually in Scripture Poch queftions are refolved into affertions, and fo divers Interpreters refolve this. here ; Is not thy wicgdneffe great ? That is, I conclude againft thee, that thy wickedneffe is great,and that thy iniquities are infinite;fo Mt.Breugbten renders; Doubtliffa thy evill is great. Others conceive it more cleare to the . mind of the Text, that this quetlion fhould be inter- tam preted conjeeturallyi ; Is not thy wickedneffe great ? That is, tepofrf(o obi's maywe not fuppofe, that thy wickedneffe is great. ?. may we mìr, 0 .ïrp . rrgi dard;;;.ci,fr,;,. not from (at lean) probable grounds think thus of thee ? And pa , nxwGan that, Firtt, from thegeneral! Rate ofman by nature, mans heart f,eFeY,ir, Mac, being ,finfull he may finne, and farne (as it were) without bounds, greatly. There is noman (faithSolomon, t Kings 8. 46.).