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iÍ! r 58 Chap.22. An Expoftion "pen the Book of J o. B. Verf.6.. nought, is a degree oftin, which bath many degrees of finful- ne% beyond both the former. Eliphax bath yet but began 74t Inditement, this is the fiat} Crime obie&ed ; r1. fecond, and a third, and more are following. Thau haft, taken, a, pledge of thy, brotherfor nought,, .rte d f ript the naked of their Cloathing, It may be quefiioned ; Ifthey were naked,,how could they be fiript oftheir cioathing ? he that is naked hath nocloaths to be "1'tr itript of.'Tis gon intoa Proverb, 4.. naked man cannot beflript by at et1 °t L'r'M huna'red aroma ; he that hath nothing,can loefe nothing,How then. n'd tNY'. } is it laid here ; Thou haftfiript the naked of their Cloathing ? I anfwer '1 he naked, are not here to be taken aridly for fuch as have no cloaths at all, but for thofe who have but few, cloaths or for fuch as are but meanly and thinly clothed ; any that are poore and low, any who are in want, may be numbred among the naked. 'Tis frequent, as in Scripture, fo. in Common (perch to exprefe thofe as being quite without .!+scam er afi that ofwhich they have but little. We fay of a man that hach, ¡era ¡fat bur a little knowledge, he is an Ignorant man ; and of a man., prapterfrniLru- g s g + 4tnem cooem who Lath but a little learning, that he is an Illiterate , or an, vocabulo corn. unlearned man. Thus we may fay ofa man that bath but lit prehenfa font ; tie Itereof cicaths, little flore of the world about him, that, drum male ?m he is. naked, that hehath nothing. The Apoftle ufeth this Lan, wjt vide, art- guage (I Cor, 4. ii.) Even to this prefent honre, we bothhunger, elem f vilife and thirff, andare neked,&c. not that the Apollies went about_ dícir.5.n. t. s without cloaths, but they were but mean in their Apparrell,. Cap' '3a poor in their Appearances, and that he calls nakednrffe. So the tlpoftle 7amerin the fecond Chapter of that Epifile, verf 15. IfaBrother or a Suer be naked, &c. He doth not mean it only of fuch as have never a rag to cover their nakedneffe, but of inch as are ill furnifhed with cloaths. The Lord threatens his ownPeople (Dew. 2,8th from the 4th ver. to the 48t:h) in cafe oftheir difobedience, with this afHietion ; Becaufe thou fervedfl. nott.he Lordwith gladnefr ofheart in the abundance of all things, therefore thou #halt fertee thine eneenier in lounger, and in ¡kir#,and in nakedne,r, &c. That is, thou fbalt not have thy Wardrobes flu, r ,d and_ filled with change of rayment,, but thou limit Feele and