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Cttp. ZZ. .44 expofitien up's the Book of Je a. Verf.6. and be pincht with want and poverty, So here ; Thouhaft firift the naked of their Clcatbing ; That is, thoa that were ill cloathe+I, thou haft uncloathed, and inRead of relieving their wants, thou haft encreafed them. And thus the words may allude to the taking ofa Pledge, about which Eliphaz fpake before ; Thou haft fiript the nakedof their cloathing. That is, thou haft taken a pledge from thy neigh- bour, and ftript him quite of it. Therefore the Law provided againft thisoppre]lion (Exad. 22.26.) If thou at all take thy neighbours rayment to pledge, thoufbalt deliver it to him before the Santee got down,for it is bis Covering. The breach of which Law is difcovered and reproved (tlmos L. 8.)And they lay they'll-elver downe uponcloathslaydtopledge; That is, they detained them all night, whereas they fhould have delivered them before the going downofthe Sunne. And thus their finne is aggravated in that it is fayd in the next words, that they did this by every Altar. It was their fin to make many Altars. And this encrea- fed their fin, that they durft doe as of wrong to men, where Chatdeu; feel they pretended to wworfhip God. The like Law is given about Winks oppig- the Pledge,Deut. 24. 6. No man /hall take the upper, or the ne- Hereto;, aber mil f one to pledge, for he taketh a maw life to pledge ; That is, Vet carte pre he takes the thing awaywithout which he cannot live ; Ifhis mil- 11° ipfi ve(fi- /tonebe taken away from the Mill, how !hall he grind his Corn, ri° y + fe eFerir inter° tomake bread, which is the Staff of life ? And againe at the dia, at; Hotta a 3thverfe of the fame Chapter, the Law is renewed in refe- etiam iacens fe rente to rayment ; In any cafe thoufhalt deliver the pledge again magic before theSungoeth down, that he may fleepe in bie own Raiment andBlefo thee, and it Thad be Righteoufnefs two thee before the L9rd thy God. Thus we may corceive Eliphaz fpcakinghere, though not eying that expreffe Law, yet from the Common light of nature, which teacheth that thepoor and naked {hould not be ftript of that little provifion and fmall pittance which ferves onely to prote& them from cold and flarving, Fu'ther. By tbeie words ; Thou haft ftript the naked of their Cloathing] We may underhand not cloathing onely, but all the neceflaries of this life, any thing which is of huch concern- ment to our lives as our Cloaths are ; for as bread in Scrip- ture is put for all the neceffaries of this life; So is Coaching. Efa. 3.6. When a man!ball take hold of hie Brother, Paying ;Thou I 2 haf¢ 59