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Cap. 22. An Expofitron opus the Beck of J o a. Yerf 6. fweeping raine that takes away food, and dcflroyes the fruits of the Earth.Such a raine is a poore man oppreffìng the poor Want it thegreatef /poyler. Secondly, Wemayexpound the Text thus ; And fiript the naked of their cloathing ; That is, Thou halt ftript them till they are naked ; for in Scripture we find the denomination to be taken from the End of the acgion, or that which the action tends to. As to iiluffrate it a little (E /a. 47. 2. ) Take the mil- flames, and grindemeale. Now we doe not grinde ineale, but wholeCorne to make meals. So (Efay 44 is.) He bake;k Bread ; Now we doe not bake bread, but dough, that it may come to he bread,when it is bread once it needs no more bake- ing. So (Dan. 2. zt.) He giveth wifdome to the wife ; that is, he giveth wifdome to thofe who before were rude; and fo makes themwile. Thus here, the denomination ofthe ac`t is gi- ven from that towhich the ad`t bath a tendency, Thou 44flript the naked, not that they who arenaked indeed can bt ftr pt, bu» thou haft ftript them, & fo made them naked. This very phra(c is ufed (Hof. 2. 3.) Loft Iflrip thee naked, faith the Lord to ,the Church, that is, left in (tripping thee I leave thee naked, left I take away all the good things with which thou art Encom' palled. So here, Thou haftfiript the naked of their cloathing ; That is, thou haft ftript them till thou haft made them naked. From thit learne ; That there ra (itch a Principle ofannaturalnefe in the nature of man, as to take away all, and leave nothing. We finde more then Cloaths taken away by Tome, they goeclofer then to the cloathing (as the Lord complaines, 3 3.) Who care t heflejk ofa People, and flay their .r: in from off their backi; There's oppreffon aid cruelty in blackeft colours, they will not leave them fo much as their skinupon their backes. Skin is naturali Cloathing, as Garments are Artificial) Cloa- thing. Thefe took away not only the cloathing which are, but that which nature had provided and put upon them, they flayed their skin from off their backs. Yet we are not to con- ceive that they were fo cruelt to poll off their skin, but becaufe they would have all to their very skin, therefore they are fayd.. totake skin and all. They who are fo unmercifull, that they will