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s6 : 'Chap. z z. Expofttion upon the Book ófJ o s. Verf. will not leave a ragge to cover the skin, are ;Oily chargedwith that unmercifuineffe, which will not leave to much as their skin to cover their fl;fh, yea, (as it followes in the fame place) that they wouldgnaw te,,eir honeis they will have all,'Cloaths, skin, and bones, from another, rather titen not have enough for them. felt' s. Cruelty j,yned with Covetoujiirffe knows no bounds. Eliphaz. having thus (hewed fome of thole particular evills, which hefuppofcd 74had done, proceeds to thew what Good he had not done. Sins ofcmifon render a man .vufoule and vile, as fins ofcommi(fion dolt: thatdoth not the goadwhich he ought ' and can, doth evill. Verf..7. Thou haftnot given water to the weary to drink, shun haß withheldbread from thekonfry. Thou haft not given water to the weary.. Water is a very Common thing, and the word which is here t fed takes inail naturalt waters, the whole Element of water. Seeing then water is not under lock & key, but lyes open toall comtsers, how comes it to be any mans gift ? I anfwer,firí 'r, Ifwe underftand the words lirterally &aridly, yet fometimes & efpe. daily in fome places to give a cop ofwater to drinke, or a buc- kct ofwater to wath in, is no 'fmali charity to a wearied tra. veller. But fecondly (I conceive) 70¢ is taxed with not giving water, to (hew his refufing to doe the fmallett charity. So we findeitexprefed (March. to. 42..) when Jeíus Chrill would affure us that the leaft office of love or refped which we doe to a diftreffed Saint, to a Beleever upon that account as he is a Be- Noncraniain leever, (hail be rewarded, he gives it in this language; avhofo cot etiam levia everfhall give to drink to ens oftheft little ones a cup of Cold matte yueTub frigrdu only in the name ofa Difciple,veriy I fay untoyou,he¡hall not lrfe equi nomine his reward. As by oneof thefe little ones, he manes any the leaft dirGgna t oriia ofBeleevers or righteousPerlons fo by the gift that he (-peaks tffeQecerint. g Y g Hilar. of water, or Cclei water, a Cupof Ccld water, he means the leaft offavours. Cold water is a cheap commodity, and a little cold water , onely a cup of it, cannot as (fome things cannot becaafe they are worth fo much) be prized, bemire it is worth fo little, yet he that gives but this little thing, this (almoft ) nothing in thename of a Difciple, be Ad nit lefe hie reward. So