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Chap. 22. An Bxpofition upon the Book of J O B. Vert.. . 6.3 So here to fet forth the hardneffe of?obi heat t (as E'liphaz con- ceived) he puts it- in thofe termes, Thou haft not given water, (no notcold water) to thole that are weary ;. As if he had laid, thou haft not onely denyed a fealt,, or a banquet of wine, which, might put thee to Come colt and charges, bwt thou haft denyed themwirer, cold water, which is not chargeable at all, which doch not fo much as put thee to the. coif of a little fire to heat it, or ofany ingredientto mix with it,. thou haft denyed them, this cheapeft charity. Anold Poet (fpeaking of a place where water was fold), faith ; 7 hat which is lovef. priced, a `'`ni/ v'G ricemater, is 1d here.Thus far haft thou,0 yob (faith Eltphaz) p . i , p ! Flîcaÿua, Ho, fallen below the Lawof love ; Thou haft not given water ; And. ,at. S.,t ; r.. towhom didhe not give it. Thenext wont anf.vers that Qáerie. To the weary._ That is, thou haft not given water to them to whom it Both molt properly belong, or who had perfect need of it, the weary, the thirfty. There are fome to whom we may verywell refu'e to give water,or anyother refrelhmentofnatwe; they have enough, ifnot too much already, notonely in poffe Ilion, as the rich, but in ufe or abufe rather, as the intemperateand the drunken; To give water to fuch is co powre water into the Sea ; but thou halt: not given it to the weary, not to thole who are like the dry and Parched ground. In that the matter ofcharity is placed in water, obferve; That charity is accepted, and uncharitableneffe condemned; intbefmalle(t'matter. It is not the quantityof thegift, but the affeâion of the gi- ver, it is not thequantity of that which is denyed to be given, bat the heart ofhim that denyes it, which the Lord takes no- tice of: be it much or be it little that is given, if, it be given, with an honeft andwilling minde, the Lord accepts it, and be it much or be it little that is denyed; if it be denyed with a churlifh and uncharitable fpirit, the Lord is difpleafed with it: and- the Icffe that is which is denyed, the more finfull is the de, nyal, and themore is the Lord difpleafed with it. When crofts or crams ofbread, which fall fromour Table, are denyed, , when a cupofcold water is denyed, howcold is charity ? and is it not crutnbledä