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1¡G r 6 6 Chap. 22. An Expofttion upon the Booke of J o a. Vern. 7, wine. The weary asked but for water todrinke and could not get it, thou vtou 'deft not give ir. Fourthly, Elipbaz defcribing a wicked man, fixes molt upon this finne, his unmercifulneffe to the poore. And there is a gene. rail truth in it. That to be without compafon to thepoore, is the rnarke ofa wic- ked roan. They who have found the companion of God to their own foules (as every godly manbath) cannot (hut up the bowels of their compaffion towards the pined bodyofman. The Apo- file yobs puts the queftion ( r Ep. 3. 17. ) How dwelleth the l ve of Clod in bins, that doth fo ? The love of God, either as taken for the love ofGod to us, or for our love to God, dwelleth not in him, in whom there dwells no love to man. Now, if the loveofGod dwell not in a man, God .dwelleth not in him, and ifGod dwell not in him, Satan doch and what can he be called but nicked, in whom the wicked, or the evil one dwelleth ? Thus the wicked edomites dealt with the people of God, when they were wearied in their March thorow the Wilderneffe. We read thechildren of Ifrael thus befpeaking the Edoneires ( 2rsmb. 20. 17, 18, a9.) Let cu p ffe I pray thee thorow thy Country, we will nct panne thorow the fieldi,or thorow the vineyards, neither will we drinke cfthe hater of the wells,&c. we will put you to no trouble, no charge; we will be content with the common waters which we find abroad, this is all that we deli e when we fhall be weary and thinly in our travels. And E4 os faid unto him, Thouflaalt not pffe by me, leafi Icut thee f :rub the fword : And the Children of Ifraellaidunto him, we will goe by the high way, and of I andmy Catte! drinke of thy water, I will pay theefor it, Iwill only ( without doir g any thing elfe) goe thorow en myfeete. See what a fpirit Edom was of ; when Ifrael put it to the lowefi, we will drinke none of the water of your wells, or ifwe doe we will pay for it ; No, Edon was fo. hard- hearted, that he would neither give, nor fell them water;. they (hall not have it either of free coil, or for money thus uncompaflonate was he towards a People that were travel. ling,, that were weary ar.d thinly. The Inhabitants of Teman are commended for their tcnderneffs tomen in diftreffe (Ifa. 21.. 14.