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Chop. zz. An Expofirion upon the Booke of Jo B. Vert. 7. 67 14.) They brought water to him that was thirfty, they prevented with their bread him that fed ; They gave water and bread un- asked ; The wantsache diftreffed moved them, though they made no motion for the fiupptyof their wants. They at moft like Godwho prevents us with their favours.Even the light ofnature leads to it, How unnatura then are they who deny water to themwho being weary and thirfty begge for it ! The mercy ofGod by Jefus Chrift is highly Commended to us upon this Confideratron, that he gives it not only in bounty, but in Compiilion, there is not only liberality, but there is a pity in it: therefore he faith (March. I I. z8. ) Come unto me all ye that are wearyandheavy laden, and Iwillgive you rfl. To give cafe and refrefhment to thofe that are weary and heavy laden, bath not only bounty and Iiberalrty, but pity and Connpafli n in it. (Dial, r36. ? 3.) Thank! to God whobath remernbred tts in oar low Eflate. It is an aft of grace for God to remember us in our highest Eilare, in our moft flourifhíng efface, but to remember us in our low Efface, then to giveus in refrefhings and comforts, this is a clearer a&ofGrace.As it is laid ( Peal 68. 9.) Thou O god, dicfl lenda plentiful! rain, whereby thou deft co,fa-no thine inheritance when it was weary. As the goodnefie o' G d is moil leene in giv'ngwater to the weary,fo is the wickedneffe ofman in denying it.Eliphaz_urgeth 7,6 further with this uncharitablenes. .4nd thouhaft with holden bread freno the hungry. He gave no water, andhe with-held bread. Theword is Tonne. Ve,b:e,,a Vio times rendred to hide, to deny, and fometimes to deceive a man jgifrcat , ab- ofthat which is due tohim. Our tranflation ( Thou halt with- fLondere, nega. holden) carnes that fence in it ; Properly w are Paid to with- re, fraudare. hold onely tha tfrom a man winch he bath a right to Thou Sabrahebas ei haft r'ithholdenbreadfrom thehungry. As hunger and thirft are prohbebarj& put for ail manner of Estreamity; io bread at,d water are put non habebar, for all manner of lupplyes generally. The Greekes and Tome i. e. nolebas ei Latines Interpret this itriftly of a morfell of bread , Thou haft pDeusanen dare. . with holdena morrell f bread, as the rich man in the Goipel did, Eùrrcntum La.tarus defired but the crunimesthat fell from his Table, but job,raxrfti could not get them. So here, thou haft of ith, holdennot only frultatn pans. a full Table, but a morfell of Bread ; This latter clause and Auib K the