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Chap. 22. An Expoftion upon the Poole of JO B. Verf. 8. 7 had nothing, fo he was indu'gent to thofe who had enough, if not more then enough, before. Verf 8. But eufor t '' e mighty man he bad the .Earth, and the honourable man dwelt in it. There is a twofold Interpretation of thefe words : Some underftand them fo, as ifthro mighty man here meant had been fob. leimfelfe, and then the fence is thus rendred ; All theft evills were done by thee, and the¡e good things not done,when thou waft a man in power, and fo haaft no need to doe anyfuch evill, and baelff power e- nongb in thy band to doe good. The Vulgar trar;liation reads it in »e ( according to this Expofition) perfon .11y ofYob ; In thy might trach/i tai pof thou dici uc fefe the Barth, and b,ing mrft powerfull thou didfft 6debao terrain dwell in it. That is, th; u waft a man to _po.ver, thouhad all in et potenrff °nnn thy hand, thouhadtt water and bread enough when the poore obtinebrnearn- wanted it, thou canft not fay that thouwaft nrccflrtated to keepe Vu,g. the pledge, or (trip the naked, but thou in the greatneffe and might dtdft oppreffe them ; this interpretation (though I af- fent m,t to it) aggravateshis fin txceedingly,for she' more power any one loath in his hand, the greater is bpsfn,aa in the Evill which be doth, to ¡n the goodwhich he doch nor, or leaves undone; yea it may be fayd that we doe evil more then they who doe it, when we bave power in our hand to hinder them from doing it, and doe not. But fecondly, rake the words as they import the partiality of fob ; The mighty man had the earth ; thou hall been over kinde and favourable to him , how hard or churlifh foever thou haft been to others. The mighty man. The H: bre v is The man of arme ; and it is ufuall in Scrip. Vir brarht'r, elf eure to call a itrong man a mighty man, or a man in authovir dignnat rity, a man of arme. ( Ezek 22. 6. ) Behold the Trinceeof Ifraelopibu+ auihar Every one of them were in tine to their power to ¡bedblond; The He- patens,. brew is, they were to theiracme ; that is as farre as they could tilo;d. reach forth:their arme,orto the utmoft of their power to (bed bloud, that is, to doe cnifchiefe and wrong, to affliá and vex ethers evenunto death, or the (bedding of their blood.. They who are evils know not how to bound themfelves in doing:; egilh ä;