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7'z Chap. 2,.. An Expofition upon the Book of J o a. ifthey want not power, they feldome want will to doe it more and more.Thus the Prophet reproves that perverfe genera. t'on ; Beheld thouhall s cken anddone evillas thoucouldef(?er.3, 5.)TI.a7 is to the utmoft Extention of thyability and opportu- nity.As thofe princes ,/bedblood to their arme,or as farre as they could reach out their power; So did this people; And as the power ofman,fo the power of God is expreft by this arree ( Yob 4O. 9 ) Hafi thou an arme like God ? Canfi thou thunder likehim? That is, haft thoupower like God:? ( Eta. 3o. 3o.) The Lord ,lball cattlehie glorious voice to be heard, and /hall/hew the lighting down ofhra arme, with the Indignation of his anger, and with the flame ofa devouring fre;The revenging power ofGod,like a bird ofprey, hovers over the heads ofwicked men, but at fait it lirphts down, and (as the word rather lignifies) refts upon them. Againe,Some underhand here by thearme of the wicked mar, thole who are his Inftruments, chore who ferve him, or whom he ufes to fupplant or fupprefl'éothers, and reach his own ends by ; Such may well be called the armes of mightymen, the armes of the men of the Earth.Evil men have their feconds or Inftruments todoe evill.Upon this Confideration it was Paid ar-ciecatSy ; Doe An nefriw iongas netyou know that Princes havelong acmes ; the meaningis, they regíbw? ffe have Agents and Servants in the feveral partsof their Dominions, inanus . g P who are their hands or armes, both for protectionof thofewho are peaceable, and to take revenge upon the rebellious. We commonly fay ofa Servant that is difereet and faithful!, he is his cullers right hand. The mighty have many helpers, many armes and hands to early on their defgnes, end to Çce their will, Yert. 8. Asfor the mighty man, or the man ofarme, he had the Earth. This Rands in oppofition to what was fpoken before, the poore man could not get a dropofwater, nor a cruft ofbread, but the mighty man he had the Earth ; As if he had laid ; 0 yob,tbou being in power didt pate awaygreat pofefons to themigh- ty,tbougavel' both thy fenrenceandof flance,that th 4finuld have the Earth, but thou wouldell not belpe the peorfo much ea to a piece ofbread, or a cupof water Themighty man had the Earth ; he fpeakes Indefinitely, as if all the Earth were his. Wicked men are