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'lzp. za. AB e Ja/itiàn upan the Took of Jo ts. Veaf.8 are called men of the Earth (Pf I o.18.) Tojudge thefatherlefr, and the oppreffed, that the men ofthe Eartbmay no more cppreffe. But it may beobjated, Is not every manaman of the Earth' As Adam the firff man was of the Earth, Earthy; fo all men are of the Earth, Earthy ; why then is it then Paid ofa wicked man, that he is a man ofthe Earth, as if any man were ofanother Pedigree or extraftion ? I anfwer; A man ofthe E irth is put in oppofitionto a man of Heaven, to a man that bath his Eftate, or hope, or portion in Heaven ; the Saints have their Converfation in Heaven, and though they live upon the Earth, yet they are not men ofthe Earth ; Carnall men are Earthly- minded, they minde the Earth, and chats both their hope and bufinefs ; they are not only Earth in their Confticution,butEarth in their of e tions,therefore they are called men of theEarth ; thefe men had muchof the Earth in their poffzfhon, as well as theyhad all of it in their affections and delires. Themighty man he had the earth. Obferve hence ; That Evill M.agifirates in Power are more ready tofavor great men, then to releive poore men. 73 Elipbaz knew that 74was.a Magiftrate, a man in Power, and he fuppofeth that under his government, the poore got no bread, but the mighty menhad the Earth, they had favour to have and doe what they lift. It is very Common with the men ofthe world to be very free to thofe that are of the world ; they are like thofe Clouds which we may obferve fometimes blown over the dry Land, and emptying themfelves into the Sea. Themighty that had ftoré before, have more, and the poore, who had nothing, have nothing at all ; Men love to bellow kindneffes upon them onely to whom they are like, or whom they love. A goodman helps thofe that are good, and wicked men care for none but fuch as themfelves. Wicked men are called Oakes (Zech. I I. 2.) Howleye firr treesfor the Cedar isfallen. ( chat is, the great man is fallen) 'becaufeall the migh- ty are fpoyled ; h.2w1 O re Oaks ofBafhan, for theforreft of the vintage is ceme doene. The Chaldee Paraphrafe faith, Howieye governors of Provinces : Andhe calls thefe Governors, Oakes ; L firft,