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Chap. 22. An ExpofLion upon the Beoke of J: o B V tf 9. 79 fhe is leeJed from the Ltw of her husband, fh° is left to her felfe, v =teat lnqui d5 and her owne difpofe alone. Take the word in the fecond fig g onrray ''': nification, to be (ilent ; A widow is fo called becaufe the fel- iur ra tsarm dome hash that natural!, and never limb that civil! lib:rty or banraNT.! R;brt freedome of fpeech, which her husband had, and therefore the po ia. needs others to fpeake for her, or mutt fpeake her minde by others ; her felfe being either unable, or difabled to (Fake in her owne cafe, or to fpeake for her felfe. This being the widows Rate, he bath the greater firne who deales unkindly with her. What?Thruft away the widow, whofe heart is bound about, yea and thruft thorough with many forrowes ; What? thruft away the widow, who is unable to mannage her owne caufe, and defend her (elfe inher right ? yet this thou haft done. Thom baft(ent widows away Emp°j ° rad;<e "' That is, without anyhelpe or comfort. The word 1 is ufed ufed A ac, fri to lignifie the emptineffe of a veffcll (z King. 4. 4) áare atl evr alloconcerning the Dreamer ; who thinks that he bath eaten, ruare. but whenhe awakes hid foule, ( that is, his ftomacke) id empty (Ifai. 29. 8.) So we may expound the word Racha(Mat.5.zz. ) He thatfaith to hit brother Racha ; which force %.,dLrftand, not ofa man that wants wit or honefly onely, but wealth or plen Erat ergo ton= ty. And then to call a man Racha, is to upbraid him both with ?afiei f ver- poverty and Gmplicity. As if it thou!d ( in difgrace) be fayd J rr R.Fa â. e. tohim ; Thom poor ['sake, th ufilly fellow, what dr/t thou talke, t/orare y up thou wit ) haftfo little wit, thou that are not wortha groat ? In the Storyof7ephtleah (yudg. 11.3 ) fuch a fort of men are fpoken rrnn;hn exhaa ofashis ayders and affìftants Then fephthahfled from his bre- 'fume. tbren,aaod there were gathered t,gether vain men to lephtbah, and lieb: Vztrri. went out with him. Some tra:.fl:tte, poor men were gathered toge- lie V2 11. then , and went out with him. Vaine men, are ufually id',e fcl- tavtx+, UcioG lows and vagabonds ; and we may conceive his company or fed, u, alu =n9- followers to haveconfifted of poor men rather then of vainep. s 6 bonus tasti men. And in that fen'e the word is ufed (Nth 5.1 3.) Even thus be be fhaken out and emptyed ; That is, imp,n erifh'd and reduced tonothing. And thus allo the low estate of Jefus Chrift is ex- preffed ( 'Phil. 2. ) He emptyed himfelfe, namely, of his divine glory and fplendour ; that ts, he finis 'd not his whileft . he was in the flefb, but covered.anct sailed it, and was in ap- pearacce: