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So Chap. 2 Expoftti®n upon the Took of Jo B. Verf. g. pearance as a Poore empty man, having voluntarily made himfelfe of no reputation though he were Lord over all. Such was theemptinefs, in which thefe widows were Pent away by 7.ok, as Eliphaz accufeth him. And this at may have a threefold interpretation. Firft, they were lent away empty; that is, not filled or releived by thy charity thou didft not open, eyther thy heart or thy hand to fupply their necefficies,or to make them up in what they wanted, and humbly defined. Secondly, Tb: uhaft lent wit empty away ; That is, thou hall given themno reliefe by thy Juftice ; forme widows beg meetly for our Almes, othersbring their cafe and caufe to the Magiftrate or man in Authority, for helpe againft their op. prefiingadverfariec. In the r8th of Luke, the importunate widow, faith to the Judge, Releive me againft my adver/ary I beg not your charity, but your Juftice ; The widow is lent away empty, when her fuite is not heard. We may underftand Eliphaz eyther way, that when the widow fued for her right, the foundno Juftice ; and when thecame for anaimes the found no charity. Thirdly, We may interpret it yet higher; Thou haft feet widower away empty; That is, widows carne to thee full orin a good condition, but thou haft emptyed them by oppreflïon, and taken away what they had. Covetous Magiftrates care not how or ofwhom they get it, fo they can get it ; They empty the widows purfe, yea widows houses to fill their owne. Chrift reproved the Pharifees for this ( Mat. 23. 14. ) Wce um Tradunt fi ad toyou Scribes andPh.ari!eesforyedEooure widow; boa/es ; ye ease tuendatn mast- them out ofhoufe and home, eyther by living upon them, or je díirde faas by taking away their livings. We may underftand Eliphaz in dune. tpudgra- this fence alfo; Thou 1,4 fens widows away empty ; that is, ve etc, quod hac widowscarne to thee for prote&ion, and thou didit promife it, lege tueri pau- but then to make thy ewne market upon them and ferve thy terecvidentur (elfe thou haft oppreffed them, they came to thee to doe them xtfpoliant ;hat ri ht and thou haft undone them b y unri hreoufnefTe. Ir is lege defendant g 5 g miferos ut mí- ill enough to deny widows charity, it is worfe todeny them jeriores faciant Juftice, but it is worfe ofall to undoe them by unjuftice; yet defndendo. thofe two Horfe leaches, pride and covetoufneffe will not for- Safvian Lïb. beare todraw from the widow. Some rich men undertake the vto .d, widows caufe, onely to enrich themfelves by the fpoyles of the