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92 Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book, of Jos. Verf. g: ter againfl it, he is not under theproteCtion ofGod, he hash not any one promife in the whole booke of trod to friend, when ene- miesand troubles come. He is not fencedandfortified as the up- right arc. God is a wall, even a wall of fire about his people, he is their defence andbulwark,their flrong tower anddeliverer. They have many fortifications againfl troubles ; though they are much aflaulted, yet they ate well defended, Godhimfelf is their for tfication, their flronghold, they are not a naked people ; but an Hypocrite is expofed naked to the fhock& (hot of every trou- ble. Sin Both not only bereave usof our innocency, but of our fafety. It dothnot onlycloath us with impurity, but uncloath us ofpower. When baron hadmade the Golden Calf, (Mops comingdown from the Mount, both rebukes and queflions him about iyAndbe law that the people were naked, for Aaron badmade them naked to their paw amongfl' their enemies (Exod. 32. 25.) How hadaÁaron made them naked?notby taking their cloaths off from their bodyes ; for he Cooke nothing of them towards the making of the Golden Calfe, but their Golden-earings( v.2,3.) which they might well enough fpare, and not tat corporally na- ked: But crAMf fis raw them ftript of the protection and favourable prefence of God,which was not only as a garment to defend them from cold and fhame, but as an armour of proofc, or as a ftrong tower todefend them from danger. A godly man finning ren- ders himfelfe fometimes thus naked; buta wicked man is alwayes thus naked, he hath not a ragg of promife to put about him, and is therefore obnoxious to the incurfions of every evill. His fin ha- fiens the coming8ftrouble, and his fin leays himunguarded when trouble comes. He that dwelletb in thefecrrt place of themoff bigb, (hall abide under the fhadow of the Almighty (Pfal. 9T .1.) and to Phew that a man re fling inGod isfecure, be his dangers never fo grear,& his caufe never fo defperare, the Pfalmifl gives affurance to fuch a one ( v. 4, g. ) He (hall cover thee with bit feathers (as(which istfrfofes his allufion,Deut. 32. a a.)tbeEagle fluttereth over her young, or as (which is Chrifls allufion) theben gatberetb her chickens under ber wings, fo ) under his wing flhalt thou truff : his truth (hall be tby Simla and Buckler,thou (halt not be afraid,for the terror by night, nor for the arrow thatflyetb by day. But the hypocrites breafl Rands open like aButt to all the the terrours and arrows of the Almighty, Now