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Chap.2y. Au Expofseden upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. 9. 91 ;An trouble cometb. The anionor motionof a living creature is here afcribed to trouble, trouble cometh ;'ris ufuall in Scripture to fpeake fo ; and Verbo venien- it is an allufion unto anadverìary or anenemy, whether a fingle di, videturin- perfon or an army. Thus it is expreffcd by Solomon( Pro. 6. r 1.) dicare tiberan So ¡ball thypoverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an quandam pote- armed man. The floathfull manor fluggard ( for of him that text raletanisaJaut fpeaks) fits fail), but poverty is upon its fpeed, and travelleth advenranrisex- hard to over-takehim ; and as his poverty is faid tocome like a ercitus ex lure traveller, becaufe it comes fpeedily, fo it is faid to come like an bells armedman, becaufe it comesviolently, and as to him irreiftably. Pined. Thus trouble cometh upon the hypocrite, it cometh like an armed man, yea is cometh like a whole army of men, it incamps round about him, and befiegeshim on every fide. As Chrift fpeaks of 3erufalem ( Luk. I .43. ) Thedayes [hall come upon thee, that thins enemas (ball call a trenchabout thee, and compaffe thee round, andkeep thee inon everyfile ; they (hall put thee, as it were, into apound ; That's the Emphafis of the word , here trouble ¡hall come like as army of enemies upon the hypocrite, and then he will cry aloud to the Lord for helpe, but the Lord will not heart hiscry. His troubles shall prevaileuponhim, and be remedilefle, becaufe his prayer doth not prevaile withGod, but is returned or feat back anfwerleffe. Hence , Obferve ; Firft, Troublefball come upon andovercome the hypocrite. Many are the troubles of the righteous or upright, and the hy- pocrite doth not fcape without his troubles; he meets themmany times in his way, and he meets them alwayes a his end. Agodly man mayoften meet with trouble in his way, but he never meets it at his end (Pfal. 3 7. 3 7, 3S. ) Mark! thepert eCt man, and be- hold theupright, for the end ofthat man is peace. But the tran¡ grefours¡hall 6e deftroyed together, the endofthe wicked(hall be cur off; that is, eiher the thing which hepropofed to himfelfe as his defignt or end (hall be cut off, or himfelfe{hall be cut off in the end. An hypocrite muff needs meet with trouble , becaufe he is fo Gnfull, and when he meets with trouble, that mu(t needs de-- ftroy him, becaufe he lycs open, or naked to it, and hash no Chef- N 2 to