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102 Chap. 27. f4n?. Expofftion upon the Book of J o D. Verf.9; be heare , us. This is the confidence of Saints in a double noti- on. Fir tf , rc is their confidence,srthey are asconfident as conft- dente it felfe,that God will heare them in trouble ; Secondly,that God will heart them makes them as confidences confidence it felfe in the mid(} of troubles. 'Tis reckoned ahappineffe among men (and the confidence of man rifethhigh upon it) to have the care of Princes, that whatever we askwe (hall be heard in it by thole in power.To have audience andacceptance with Great men is a great priviledg amongmen; noman can tell what he bath got, when he bath gotten a great Kings care hors much more is this true,whenwe have got the careof God,who is theKing of Kings. Davids great delire was(P¡.19. r 4.)Let the wordsof mymoutb,& meditation ofmybeart,be acceptable in thyfigbt,OLordmy ffrengtb andmy redeemer. When chofe words of oar mouths which flow from the meditation ofour hearts are acceptable in the fight of God, what can we want,while we have an heart to meditateupon the fullnefs of God, or a mouth to expreffe our owne wants ? If a man had all that in his hand which this world could afford him , and God fhould fay, I will not heare thee, his all were nothing; ifhe had riches and honour and pleafure, if he were a pettygod upon the earth, yet if hecannot be heard in heaven, he may fay as Haman ( after the boaff of all his Greatneffe at Court,and riches at home) becaufe Mordecai the Jew fate in the Kings gate,and wouldnot bow tohim, what cloth all this availe him ? The ma- ntaandmolt aflíietedbeleever is better than he, becaufe God heareth him. We mayquickly feechi outfide, the endof all per- fsttion, ( Pfal. 119.96.) that is, ofall worldly perfec?tion. But sotho knowes what this may produce and bring forth, that God doch hear us and accept us, and is readywhen we come withpeti- tions to give an anfwer. As the Spirit of prayer is the molt ex- cellent gift,fo the hearing of Prayer is themolt comfortable gift. Thoughwe lye among the ots, yet if God hear us, all'swell; then (ball we beAl the wings of aDove covered withelver, and herfea- thers withyellowgold,(Pfal. 68.1 3. ) Holy delires and prayers are chewing:of the foule by which we mount ( ascloves)and afcend in fpirit untoGod ; and if the Lord heare and grant thole delres andprayers, then our wings are indeed filver'd and gilded over, richly laden with bleffings and with mercyes. will God bearour cry in trouble ? is at befi<a heart-troubling word. God mill beareour cry