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Chap .27. An Expofston ;Ton the Beek of J o E. Verf.IO. x0; try in trouble, is a heart -reviving and gntckning word, God will not bears our cry in trouble, is a heart-breaking, a killing word ; and that's the hypocrites morel, Will God bearshis cry, when trouble cons- . eth upon bine ? He will not. We have Peen in this gth verfe, what God will not do for the hypocrite ; now we flail fce what the hypocrite will not doe in reference to God. Verf. io. Will be delight binsfelfe in the Almighty ? Willbeal- ways: callupon God ? He will cry unto God, but will he delight himfelfe in God : he will cry unto God Cometimes, but will he alwayes call upon God ? He may be violent induty, but he is not conflant. Thus thehypocrite failes and falls (bort. Will he delight bimfel f in the almighty ? The word here trantlated to delight, as alfo what it is to delight our (elves in any perfon or thing,was opened at the 26th verfe of the 22d Chapter of this booke, and therefore I paffe is here. Mr. Broughton reads the text thus, and Co doe fome others, not hIompoterir in Will he, But can be delight bimfelf in the Almighty ? As if the Nnipo teri: e- fence were, it is a thing impofliible that he fhould. To delight in le ari ? Yu 6' God is one of the highell exercifes of Grace, and howcanhe doe char, who bath no grace at all ? The hypocritecannot find com- fort in God,whenthe world affords him none, as a Godlyman can. 11 re render well , Will be delight himfelfe in the almighty ? As ifhe had faid, As the Almightywill nor grant his requelf, nor ú dlideletlu- give him in his delight, that is, the thing which he delired,fo he 1 f bathno will, no mind at all to delight in the Almighty. The pro- j rferaru et per matter of delight is tohave what we defire,and to enjoy what preces oe somas we have. The hypocrite lath no pure delire to have or enjoy votaq; confo. God, but his delire is to have and enjoy fomewhat fromGod, and when once he perceives that he cannot obtain thatfromGod gpreprria de which he delights in, he bath no delight at all in God. Delire is reriafreum lea. love in motion, and delight is love at refl. The hypocrites will leas, ga,rdef. loth not tell in God, but runs out many wayes after creatures ; deraveris df- after them he will goo, and therefore he bath no will to delight in deroris perfrn. God,which is to tea in God, when God denies him the creature, errs, Pined. which