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104 03ap.27. An Expolition upon the Book of J o B. verÍ.io. which he fo muchdefired to rei in, as will appeare further'n the Observations. Only, before I come at them, we maytake notice of the Titleby which, God ishere exprefied, as not delighted in by the hypocrite. Will he delight himfilfe In theAlmighty : or,upon theAlmighty This name of GodShallot:- , imports both his power and hi goodneffe. God is a full (lore-houí e,or a moll plentiful] Spring of all good to his People, ready to conveigh and give out himfelfe for the fupplyof all their needs.He is,and bath 'everything which may draw out defire, and reader him(as was raid of. Titus Vefpati- Deliciihuma- an,but it is infinitely more true of God) Thedelights ofMankind; nigenoris. yet there are but few among the fops of men, whore delires and delights meet and center in God. And filch is the falfenefs of the hypocrites heart, that though he feeme to make much love to God, yet this Negative interrogation is trueof him ; Will be de- light himfelfein the Almighty? Hence, Obferve ; Fìrf}, 7heywho are godly delight in gad. ., Yea they delight in nothing but God, or that whichcarrieth the appearance, or beare s the image and impreflion of God upon it. Thus they delight in the word of God, in the works of God, whether ofcreation or providence, in the wayes and ordinances of God, in the fervants and people of God,inwhomDavid (as a type of Chtifi ) laid (Pfal. 16. 2. ) is aFl my delight ; and all be caufe in there perIons and in there things the invifibk things of God, his power and wisdome, his holinessand goodnefs sr; feene and as it were,made vifible.While Ofofescalls tit people of If- ad to delight in the good things of God, he teacheth them to terminate all their delight in the Lord himfelfe,(Deut. 12.7th & 8th verfescompared.) And thereyefball eat before the Lord your God, and ye fhall rejoyce in all that youput your bands unto, ye and your boufholds,wberein the Lord thyGod bath 6/c/fed thee, But thou mull eat them before the Lord thy God, in the place which the Lord thy God (hall cboofe, thou, and thyfon, and thy daughter, and thy man-fervant, and thy maid-fervant, and theLevite tent is within thygatet :and thou (halt reloyce before the Lord thy God in all that thou putter] thy hand unto,(As if he had raid) ;when thou (halt re- joyce