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rob Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of Jos. Verf,io. Theywho havePeenand tailed how gracious the Lord is, will be calling for more fuch fights and tans, and the more they have had of chafe fights and tarts, the more they will defire them. Whitt David had Peen of God in theSanctuary, he could not but defire to fee againe. And how doth he promife himfeif all delightful fatisfacLion inGod, couldhe but feed upon him inhis thoughts, ( v. 4, 5. of the fame Pfalme) My foul(hall be fatisfied withmar- row and fatneffe, and mymouth (ball Araife thee with joyful lips ; when I remember thee upon my bed,and meditate on thee in the night rcatches. As it is the property óf a godly man to delight in God, folic doth promife, yea allure kimielf of more delights inGod, could he but get and keep his heart more to ,the meditation of God. Secondly, .Obferve ; A hypocrite dothnot, will not, cannot truly delight in God, He doth nor, becaufe he iscarnal, and filled with the wifdome of the flefh,and fo with deliiresafter and eielights in fle hly things. And until this ilef1lymind, with which he is vainly putt up, and which(in the very wifdome of it)is enmity againfi God,heneither will nor can delight in God. The Lord faith of the hypocritical Jewes (Ifa, 58. 2.) They feekme daily, and delight to knowmy wages, as a Nation that did rigbteoufne ffe, &c. A hypocrite may imitate thofe whodelight in Godand his wayes, but he hath no real delight in either. The delight which he bath in worldly things is feldome, if at all, hearty ; for (as Solomon fpeaks, Prov. 14. t 3. ) In laughter bis heart isforrowful, and the end of [itch mirth is heavirjs. As there is a worm ae the toot of his plea- fant gourd, which kilt! ;e, and caufth it .o wir.:her : fo there is a worme, a gna«ierg worm 4.,is heart oCtentimet3 abich makes his pleafures wither, while n Is gourd is greenand flouritLing. And furely if the hypocrites delight in the bell of his mxeetrral enjoy- ments be fcarcely hearty, hcu heartlefle is his delight in fpirìtu- tìypocrita net; als ? Till the affeekions are r:lade fpiritual there i no affcttion down neq; di- to things that are fpititnal. So then at bell, the h i?ccrite who vtno 11a6et takesbut a poor delight in any t :ing, takes ocly a h, pocri,ical deliciis, delight in the bell things of Cod, and in God we e isbelt of all. For, Firft, he hash no hope in God, theroiore no delight in God. He that is without hope, is without God, and how can he have