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Chap.27, AnExpofition upon the Book,of Jo B. 107 have delight in God who is without God., The hypocrite is with- out any true hope at any time, and many times he is without fo much as a flier/ or fhadowof hope. His hope (like his goodnefs) is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away. And if the hope deferred maketh the heart tick, firmly when hope in God is quite departed and gone,the heart cannot delight inGod. There isno condition doth fo much effrange the heart from God, as a hopelefs condition (fer. i 8. a 2.) And they Paid, there is no hope, (what will they do then ? even run as farre from God as they can ? fo it follows in the Cameplace) But we will wall, after our owndevices, and'we will every one doe the imagination ofbis mill heart. Secondly, The hypocrite bath no fuitableneffe in his heart to God,,.therefore nodelight inGod. There mull be Come likeneffe between the faculty and the obje 1, elfe there can be no delight in any kind whatfóever. Now what likeneffe is there between light anddarkneffe, betweengood and evill,between a holy God andan unholy heart, between the true, the faithful God, and a falfe-hearted hypocrite ? Thirdly, The hypocrites delight is fo carryed out to other things, the (ireames of it aredivided into Comany channels, that he bath none to (pare for Cod ; his delight runs to riches, to gold and Elver ; his delight runs to pleafure, to the fat and fweet of the creature ; his delight ruas tohonour, to dignities and prefer- mentsamong men ; hedelights in friends, yea he delights in fin andwickedneffe. All there fleale away his delight from God ; and put his mouth out of tall as to tailing that the Lord isgraci- ous, or how gracious the Lord is. MChrift expoftulates the mat- ter fharply& chidingly with the hypocritical (ewes, (Joh.S 44) Hew canye beleeve, witch receive honour one ofanother, and feeke not the honour that cometb fromGodonly ? So we mayexpolulate with the whole kind of hypocrites, How can yedelight in theAl- mighty, who take upyour delights in the creature, and leek nor, nor are at all fatisfied with thofe delights that are in and come fromGodonly. If we delight not in God only, we delight not in Godat all. As weitannot ferve, fo we cannot delight in God and inMammon ; for if we love theone, we will hate the other, and if wedelight in the one, we (hall delpife the other. As Godde- fpifethchafewho delight in the creature, fo they wb odelight in P z the