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Chap.27. An Expofiton opon the Book of J o B. that the Prophet Habbaltukprayed hard for the keeping offchar fore judgment of famine, yet in cafe famine fhould devour all, and fo his prayer not granted, yet his heart towards God was the fame, and his affurance tfrong, that his enjoyment of God alone, would beas fweec to him, as in the greateff plenty of creature- enjoyments. (Hab. 3. i ;.) eA7rhough the fig-tree ¡hall not bloff®me, neither (hall fruit be to the Vines the labour ofthe Olive ¡ballfaile, and the fields¡hall yieldno meate, theflock (hall be cut off from the fold, and there Mall be no beard in thefalls ; yet will I re- ,joyce in the Lord : 1 willjoy in the God ofmyfalvation. AGncere heart can feaff in God,while he is halving in thecreature ; God is as good to him without the world as with it ; and whatfoever good he asks ofGod, God is better to him than what he asks, except when he asks Godhinafelf. None pray purely to God, but they who can ref+ fatisfied with God, though God loth net fatisfle their defires in ;ranting what theypray for. Lay, We may take there viords, Will be delight himfelfin the almighty ? as a reafon why the hypocrites cry is not heard ; God Both not hear his prayer, becaufe he hath no delight in God ; he would havetiemercies ofGod, but he cares not for the God of his mercies,and fohe bathneither. Hence Obferve ; He that loth not delight in God, is not beardofGod... TheLord can ea(ily di(finguifhbetween a flatterer andanhum- ble petitioner. He knows who come to him for his, or becaufe the.; knownot what to do without him, and who come tohim for hisifelf, and becaufe they love to be with him. (Pfal. 37.4.) Delight thyfelfalfo theLord, and be(hallgive thee thedefiner of thine heart. As if David had faid, Would you have the defires ï of your heart given in, and your prayer granted, when you ask of God, delight your felves in God, and you have your defires, This the Pfalmiff affirms, not only becaufe God in whom the foul delights, is more than all we can, delire betide, but be- caufe theywho truly delight in God, are in the readieff way to receive all that they delire betides. Every man delights in theI things he heartily asks for ; how glad would they be of riches, who being poor, ask for riches ? How glad would they be of health, who being Fick, pray for health, mac. ? But every godly ma 109