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rio Chap.27. An Expofition repon the Took of J'o s. Var.' o. man delights more in God of whom he asks, than in that, which he asks of God ; And therefore, as God gives himfelf, fo that which he defires too. It is the delight of god to bear thofe that delight in him; And though Gods delighting in us is indeed the carafe of his granting our defires, yet it is our duty as well as our intereft todelight inGod, that we mayhave our defires granted. WhenGod fees chat we rejoyce more in this, that he is our God, than in all things elle that canbe given us, then he is ready to give us all things elCe.The Lord was fo well-pleafed with Salomons asking, when he asked a wife and an underflanding heart to go- verne that great people, that the Lord gave him not onlywhat he asked, but what he asked nor, riches and honour, ( a Kings 3. a a, a 2, 13.) Surely then, the Lord is fo well-pleated with thole who ask and earneffly delire the enjoyment of himfelf, that he cannot with-hold from them any lawful enjoyment,which isgood for them, and defired by them. Now as the hypocrite, not delighting in God, is not heard when he calls, fo becaufe hedelighreth not in God, he will not be longheard calling, as is ¡hewed in theclofe of this verfe. Will be alwayes call upon God ? ny-main The hypocriteprayerh, but he cloth not hold out or perfevete emnitepore 17y .n prayer. The Original words, which we tranflate alwayes, area púrp orruum to alltime,_that is, in all the due timesand feafons of prayer ; as if To:idoneun ut :Yob had Paid, Will the hypocrite call upon God as often as the Gr,ecis xcupef proatidencea of God and his own duty call him to pray ? They pray alwayes,'who pray when they ought, or as oftenand as long as they ought. Thus the hypocritewill not alwayes callupon God; He will not take his times and feafons to begin, nor will he con- tinue in it as he ought when be bath begun: We may be laid to do that alwayes, which we do as often as we are called, and which we are alwayes ready and willing to doe, though not called. Hencenote, fire, from the Conneaion Vnlefr we are in a frame to pray alwayes, Clodwill not heare tee at alt. That is, unlefs we would alwayes be in filch a frame ; The ho- lieti man living may have his heart out of order, but he loves to have