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Chap.27. An Expofltian tepon'th Book of J o a. Vrerf. z ®, x r 3 With the good leave and favour of God, as alfo in a confant communion withGod, while he walkes according to the rule and in the duty of it. Wemull doe nothing without prayer, but wemay doe many things betides praying. Thirdly , Obferve, ( which is implyed in the Qeflion,willhe alwayes call upon God ? ) A hypocrite will not alwayer call upon God. You may fee him fet out very full ofmettle ; he fcts out about good duties, as force horfes that will hand nowound in a mor- aing when they goe out, but they tire after an houres riding, they will not travel all the day ; fo a hypocrite may fer out with a great deale of mettle, but will hepray alwayes ? no, he will be weary of duty, and throw it up at lah. And he throws it up upon thefe, upon either of thefe two occafions ; both which we may take notice offrom the text. Firf, When he fpeeds not in prayer, then he will throw up prayer; When he feeth nothing come, he cannot goe on; will he continue when there isno anfwer ? noappearance of an anfwer ? orwhen God feemes in his providence to (peak contrary to his prayer ? will he now perfevere in calling upon God ? no ; he hash no delire to dutywhen he cannot get what he delires by duty. It is with him as with force draft Horfes, they willdraw when the load is coming, but if they feel it not coming, they trample and will not draw ; But take a horfe of a right breed,and put his (races to a treeor a poll, he will arsineand amine, and dye upon the place, though nothing come,before he will give it over ; Thus 'cis in this cafe ; a godlyman though he feele not the petition come for which he asks, whether in fpiritualls or temporals (it may be he bath prayed many a yeare for fuch or fuch a mercy, and cannot get it) yet he will pray fill. He knows it is his duty to waice as well as topray; and though the Lord let him wake long, yet he will pray fill, without limiting theholy one of Ijracl. It fhewes a very gracious hearr,to be encouraged by the experience we have of the Lords anfwerìng prayer topray Rill . But it is an argument of a more gracious heart, not to be difcouraged from continuing inprayer, when we get no anfwer. This Spirit o` holy courage never lodg'd in the heart of a hypocrite; if God will not doe what beprayeth for, he bath done praying. Q. Sc-