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r¡4 Chap.z7. ,rfln Expofrtion op* the Book of Jo.a. Secondly , Take the contrary; If thehypocrite fpecd inpray- er, and get what heaskes, then- alto he throws up prayer, and will aske no more. If from a lick-bed he be raifed tohealth , he leaves prayer behind him (as it were ) tick a bed ; Hegrower weak in calling uponGod, when at his call, God bath given him firength. And thus 'tis in any other infiance; When he hath got what hehad a mind to in prayer, he bath no more mind topray whereas a godly man prayes after he bath fped as he didbefore, and thoughhe fallnot into thofe troubles againe, and fo is not occalioned to urge thofepetitions spine, which he did in trou- ble, yet he cannot live without prayer ; becaufe he cannot live out of communion with God. The creatureis as the white of an egge, ta(ileffe tohim,unleffe heenjoyGod.David faith(I'/ z r6 z. ) I love theLord, becaufe he boobbeardmy voyce and my[ap- plication ; that is, becaufe he hath granted me that which I fup plicated tohim for ; but did this grant of what he had asked, take him off from asking more ? the next. words Chewus, what his re- folution was upon that grant ; Becaufe he bath enclined his ear unto me, therefore Iwill call uponbim as long as hive ; as if he'had faid, I will never give over praying, fora much as I have been heard inprayer. It is reported of one who alwayes laid a nett upon bis table when he went to meat, to mind himof his -duty, to f-1h for foules in his pafiorall careand office (as was pretended of him,I fay,it is reported)tbat when he hadattained tohigh pre- ferment, he laid amide the Life ofhis nett at table,and being asked why, anfwered, that he had nowgot that which he had been fifh® îng for. He had catch his fifh, and therefore cared no more for his nett. Thus the hypocrite puts away his nett of prayer, when once he bath taken the fifh, the benefit which he deGred and la- boured for. In both thofe cafes we may put fobs O efiion, Will thehypocrite pray always? If he can get nothing, he faith, why fhould I waite uponGod any longer ? What profit isle to pray unto him ? And if oncehe get his profit,he faith,what need I pray fupev`omni- any longer, I have what I would have.; and then heeither growes pram delicia- remiffe and flack in duty, or layes it quite amide. He never fought biruritevotabir God for himfelfe, but himfelfein feeking God ; and fo having Dnirem- found what he deGred for himfelfe in feeking God, he ha -h no pore. Dtuf, r 7ïtanfatio. delire, or but avery cold one, to feek God any more. There- fore Lafily,