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T I $ Chap.27. Expofition upon the Wool( of j offin, and the graceof God in themfelves to beale theirfinfiifnefr. Iwill teach you by the handof God. There arecontiderable differences in the readingof this claufe: Doceo vos in Firfl , Some thus ; I teach you being under thehand of God ; plago dei fortis As ifhe had Paid, I being now for sly corretl édandchaflened by the vcrjens. Jun. hand ofGod, am readyto reach out to you a hand ofdirection andin. JlruElion; I, in myforrozres, and to my fcÌ,neffes, Ibeing troto ted with the darknefs of my own Spirit, and with thehidings ofthe face of god, will fhew you what light Ihave concerning God and his wages. There is a great truth in this,and the text may bear it ; for indeed, as affli&ions teach us, fo they prepare us to be teachers afflid}ions are In(fruEtions ; and they who have been longal- ff1iaed, are belt able to give infiru Lion, efpcciially in the dealings of God with the affliaed : none have fpoken fuch lc.ions, prea- ched fuch Sermons, as they who have been under the hand of God. Chatlifsngsmake men wife, and fpiritually fearned,able to teach indeed. I( faith fob) being under thehandofGodwill teach you, andbecaufe you fee me under the hand of God, you may be lure that I will teach you nothing but the truth, and in the truth or fincerity of my heart. 'Tis no time to fpeak flatteriesand falfehoods ; I am ready to dye, and I will fpeak my mind ( and I hope ) themind of God, as if I were to dye prefently. A dying man fhould fpeake none but words of weight, and his words fhould have weight with all the living. Pr.epofatio 2 Secondly , The text is reached thus,/ wiN teach youofthe hand now objeflum, ofGod; So theprepo(ition in this place notes the matter treated fc, plagara dt- upon, the hand of God ; That's the objeft about ;xihicb he would vinomanuiTla- teach orconcerning which hr. would iuflroet them. Thus Mailer M71. Caiet. + a Broughton reader, Iwill teachyou of God his hand, or, of the hand ofGad ; As if behad Paid, the poynt which I will deale with you about, (hall be the /land ofGod. And then the tneaning is this ; I will teach yot of the wayes and adminiflrations of God, how God doth order the things of the world, both towards the wick- ed, and towards the righteous; I.will teach you, what courfe, what method God dually keeps in thefe his die enfations; what we may expo& he will doe, what he now doth, and what he bath done. Your opinion is, that God beflowes outward good things upon thofehe loves, and that he flill afBias thofe whom he hates; But