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Chap. 27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf.r I. 119 But the much is, outward good or evill,fall indifferently from the hand of God upon the good and upon the evil', as tohimfelfe feemeth good. One of the Ancients doth notstall expreffe the word hand, but renders the text in generall termes,I will teach you uid difponet what , or how God difp6fcth of things : Thehand of God is put for dew? Auguff. thofe as and admìnittrations of God which are done by his hand 4nnunciabovo. or power. And to teach others of the hand of God, is to teach bi$ quid,fir in them what is in the hand or power of God, as all the affiiaions 4 f =o aped and comforts of the children of trten arc. This readingcontaines omnipotentem., alfo a cleare truth, and a very ufefull one ; Howcan our tongues be better imployed than in teaching what the hand of God hash done, or what the workes of God are both in creation and provi- dence. God fpeakesmuch tous by his hand, and we ought to be continually fpeaking of the hand of God ; yet I conceive this text doth not clearly lead us to that doarine, and therefore I fhall not flayupon it. Thirdly , We tranfi lte Iwïll teach you by the band ofGod. And fo the meaning of it is, firfl, I will teach you by the helpe In manu der of God, or the Lord helping and affiftingme , the Lord giving 1 Hob. ate et ad- me wifdome to adminifier councelland infiruo}ion, Iwill teach minßranto fa you. As the hand of a man, both in Scripture and common fpeeeh cultatent addi> fignifies the helpe ofa man, fo doth the hand of God (. Hag. t.'.) cendum, In the firfl day ofthemonth came the wordof the LordbyHaggai the Vátablo Prophet, &c. The text is, by the hand of Haggai the Prophet, that is,by the miniRryor fervice of Haggai the Prcp'ter, theLora fpake. Againe( Haggai i. a .) In thefeventh month, in the one and twentieth dayofthe month, came the wordof the Lord by the Pre- ;het Haggai, or by the hand ofthe Prophet Haggai, Now as when God do;il a.thiug by the handof man, it notes that God doth it bymanas his iniirurnent, or that he ufeth ( not that he needeth ) the helpe of man ; fo, when man is faid to doe any thingby the hand of God,ir implyeth, that he doth it by the help and ftrength, by theayd ar ri afïiflance of God. The hand of God isthe power of God flrenghening man in any duty, ( Ifa. 8. i r .) The Lord Opa1¿e that to me with aflrong hand, (or in flrengtbofhand) that is, the Lord fpake to me withan evidence of his power ; the Lord gave me effeauall firength, and inflrsshd me that 1 fhould not