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Chap, 17. An Expofition on the Book of Jos, Verf.a, Verfe t . Moreover job continued his Parable, and Paid, jobs friendshaddone, but job had not. He had more to fay for himfelfe, when they had nothing to fay againfl him. He had not yet brought forth all that was in his heart, therefore, moreover or and (the word is a Copulative) be continued his Parable : We render it Moreover, which intimates a full period of the former difpute, and anentrance upon the conclufion of the whole mat- ter. The Text is, he added to lift up, or to take up : This phrafe of Non guides o- adding to doe aching is frequently ufed inScripture,and it lignifies hamfedpreeee- not only, irft, to doe the fame thing a gaine, or to repeat what denris continu. bath been done ; but fecondly, to do it with a greater inten- °tivam diflo- tion of fpirit than formerly ; not onely to add anew aç1 about the nram'c f f, ,,, fame matter, but to e higher. Thus to add tojin,implyeth more tivam. Bold. than to renew the at of the fame fin, it implyes to fin more giie- voufly, or tobe more vile and finful in finning ( judg. 7. i 2. ) Refumpfit ryo1, The Children of Ifrael did evill again in thefight of the Lord ; fermonem &e the Hebrew is the children of Ifrael added to do evil( in the fight dniérm ion of the Lord ; they did both add a new ac`s of fin, as alto a new de- (/erbum addi- gree of finfulneffe. We have a reproofe of that people in the dit, animi refìi fame forme of fpeech (judg. Io. 6.) The Childrenof Ifrael did &fdentisde- svill again in the fight of the Lord , and ferved Baalim, andAfta-fenfonem dom rote, and the gods of Syria, and thegods ofZidon,and thegods oftheta'. Moab, and thegods of the Children ofAmmon, and the gods of the Philiftims, and forfook,e the Lord, and ferved not him. This is to add to do evil(, with the highefi aggravations. The word is ufed in the fame fence, in reference to the Lords manifeflation of him- fell to Samuel( I Sam. 3. 2i.) 7be Lord appeared againe in Shiloh, for the Lord revealed himfelfe to Samuel in Shiloh by the wordofthe Lord ; the Lord added to appears, that is, he appea- red the fecond time, and he appeared more fully and clearly , in a more glorious difcovery of himfelfe than formerly. Thus in the text, Moreover, Job added to takeup his ('arable, that is, he did not onely take up another Parable, or another fpeech , about or upon the fame fubje&, but he fpsice more clew¡ ,l.y,and more ful- ly ,he fpake with more fpirit and life.than he had don; before ; be added to,or continued to takeup his Parable, Though the Phrafe heréufed to take or lift up, be no more in Bz 'the