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----------_. t 2O Chap.27. An 'Expofitien upon the Book of J o 1. Yerf.t ta. Nrfi intuí fat qui doreet,in vanam tíngua deeentds labo- rat. Gregor. not walke in the way of this People. So in the Prophetic of Eze- kiel often (Chap. t. 3. Chap. 3. 14, 23. Chap. 23.22.) The hand of the Lord was there upon him. The band ofthe Lord was upon me in the Evening. The Lord layd his band upon the Pro- phet to confirme and comfort him in his hard fervice, or he layd his hand upon him, as menufe to doe upon thofe, to whom they about to impart fame fecret, or with whom they would have conference ; or the hand of the Lord was upon him to carry him throughout the work , the hand upon him, was as much as the hand with him. The hand of theLord is upon men fometimes to punifh and afliiet them, and fometimes the hand of God is upon men toallìft and ffrengthen them ; fo we are to underhand the Prophet when he Paid, thalamiof the Lord was upon rue. The fame Prophet fpeaksmorefully (Ezek. 37. t.) The band of the Lord was uponme , and carryedme out in the fpirif of the Lord ; That iF, there was a mighty impreflion upon my fpirir, and a power from the Lord,that did helpe andcarry me out in that fer- vice. Thus here, I will teach youby the hand (or helpe ) ofGod. Hence Note ; Weneed the helps and hand of God to be with us in the teaching ofothers. All our worke, will be in vaine, all our labour loll in teaching, unleffe we teach by the helpe and hand of God, That's a figniñ- cant fentence, with which fome alwayes begin their divine teach - ingsorSermons ; Ourhelp flandetb in the name ofthe Lord, who bathmade heaven and earth ; He helpeth Minifters to give In- ftru6ion, and he helpeth the people to receive Infiru6tton. It is the hand of the Lord which removes all chofe impediments and carnal reafonings, which hinder his Minilers from a faithfull de- livery of his Mefl'age. And it is the hand of the Lordwhich carts downe all thole ftrong holds and prejudices, which kidder his people from receiving and obeying his meffaaes. We do not fo much teachby our own tongue, as by the hand of God ; it is not our words, but his power that doth all ; unleie the Spirit teach at the heart, it is in vaine for us to teach at the Bare. The tongue cannot reach the heart. The hand of man can doe nothing in common works, without the hand of God. Except theLord build the boufe, they labour invaine that build it : except the Lord eepe