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122 Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of j o B. Vert.' in Scripture,andall prophetic came by a.fpeciall power and infpi- ration of God ; fo they who teach effc8ually, are Paid to teach by the hand and helpe of God ; And therefore, when fob lurch, Iwill teach you by the band of god, his meaning may be nomore Dicit fe h,ec than as if he had faid,I wil teach you by the Lordshelp,thofemore accepi/fo a deo fecret doetrins aad milteries ofhis providence which I haveLear- jectati stipua ned by my own experience, or which God bath made known to infpiratio.e et me by any of bis teachings. The Apofile Peter fpeaking of Pro- 114/nine prophe» phefie in a aria fence ( z. Ep: r. zr. )faith, The Prophefecame tiea,idenim in- not inold timeby thewill ofman, but holy men ofGod fpake as they ducat per ma- nur dei. me. y' moved b thehol y Gho that is,as the hand of Godwas with loquendi modus chem. And take Prophefie in a large fence as the Apo(ile Petal afatum vim defcribes it ( Cor. 14.3. ) for any fpeak ng untomens edificati- etimpetum Fr on, and exhortation, and comfort, that alfo is doneby the good ri8cat divinuin hand of God uponus and with us. So that if we take the hand of nudepep audi. p outfaQum effe (eod,ofwhich fob fpeakes, either forthat aflillance,which all that dei manum jet- reach with effea have from him towardstheIn(Iru&ionand faiva- per aliquem, tion ofchofe they deale with ; or for that word which God gives sates in fpeciall by afpirit of Prophe(ie,and immediate revelation ( as the fame Apatite fpeaks in his own cafe ( gal. r. 12. )1 neither received itof man, neither was1 taught it but by the Revelation of e fur Chriji; Which way foever, I fay, we rake the hand of God, by which Job promifeth to teachhis friends ) the generali fence will be the fame, namely,that he would teach them, according to the belt of his light received faithfully, and according to the belt of his received firength, powerfully. /will teachyen by the band of God : That which is with the almightywill I not Conceals'. Whatfob fpake affirmatively is the former .parr, he holds forth negatively in this latter part of the verfe. There he raid, will teach yes ; here he faith Iwill not Conceale ;it is ineffet the fame thing, not to conceale a thing, or to teach it. I will not Conceale that which kwith the Almighty, Dune four apud This exprellion( with the Almighty )imports the moltferret Hebr.eosprepo and referved do&rinesand truths of God. There ate two Prep- lab= IV a- litions in the Hebrew, whichare of the fame fignifcation, noting pod ißÿ can Vicinity and Intrincity,vthenmatters arefo inward that they live a'