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Chap.27. An Expoftion upon the Book of o s. Verì.1 t, a 23 as it were within thebreaR ofman , or dwell in his heart, as in qua. vicinitcP their home and habitation, then they are Paid, tobe with him ;So intrinfe¢am ad- here( that which Ii with the Almighty ) is that, which is necrefl bu new con to the Almighty, that which he hash in his heart, that which is laid up,as it were, inhisvery Cabinet t that which is with the Al- notant. Bold. mighty, is any fecret of the Almighty, and that JobTeemsco pro- mite to unlockand declare unto them ; yet we are not to con- ceave Job an intruder into the Arlie of Gods fecret counfels. There are fecrets in the providence of God, as well as in thede- crees of God. The mind and pnrpOfe of God in what he doth openly, and before the eyes of men, is often hidden from them; they underhand not what they fee, nor doe they percieve that which they cannot but behold. Now ( faith Job ) that which is with the Almigbty,lwill not Conceals that is,I will not only thew you the face and out-fides of his works of God, but Ihopeby thehand of God working with me, to thew you the misery, the fecret of his works, what the Lord meanethand purpofeth, what he aymes at and intendswhen be siRi&s the godly, and lets the wicked profper. Thws,Tbat which is with the Almighty isop- pofed,to the Handof God in the fccond interpretation of it,bc- fore given, as it notes things outwardly done, or the alts of pro- vidence abroad in the world. As if Job had faid, I will not only teach you what Goddoth with his hind, but I will Chew you alfo what isin the heart of sod, or thofe things which ar e hidden from the world, and are only revealed ( and that but rarely ) to his hidden ones. Jobwas farre from prefuming that he could re- veale all that was withGod, but there are many things with God which though they are refervesfrom the generality of the Cons of men, yet he reveales them to his own fervancs. The fecret of the Lord is with thaw that fears bins, ( 2 ç. 14 .) Againe, That which is with the sllmigbty,may be expounded of the future rewards of good men, and puni(Emenas of wicked men, inoppoficion to the troubles,which the one is at prefect un- der and the profperitywhich lie.other at prefect enjoyes. Aif Job had laid, I will not only (hew you what God nowdothwith good and bad men, but ( which will fet all right at laIt ) I will de- clare what God hashwith him inFiore for them both;Whac mer- cy for afflieted Godly men, and what wrath for wicked men,who now are in their flourifh. That which is with the Almighty"will not concede. B. 2 -Hence