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Chap.27. An Expofaton upan the Bork of J-0 B. Verf.1 r. 12 c Hence Note; ø'bat we know of the mind of God we fhould not Conceale, or, it is our duty;by all wanes to make the mind of Godknown to others. What we know of God is aTalent, and we muff not hide our Talents ; He was an evill fervant that did fo. Their fin who re- fufe to make known to others what themfelves know of sod, is next in finfulneffe to theirs,who themfelvs refúfe to receive the know.dg of God. And as this duty is incumbent upon all, fo efpecially upon the Miniflersof the Gofpell. Patel labours much to acquit himfelfe in this ( Ash 20. 20, 27. )re know how I kept backnothing that was profitable for you , but have (bowed you and taught you publrcklyandfrom hone rohoufe. As if he had Paid, If I had kept back any thing that was profitable untoyou, I had been like him that hid his talent, an unprofitable fervent. There are ferric things knowable, which 'tis no profit toknow tocon- ceale thefe is our wifdome, as not to conceale things profitable is our duty. And hence the faire Apoflte infifis further in juflifying the faithfull difcharge of his duty in this poynt. (v. 27th) Ihave not fbunnee' to declare unto you thewhole Councell ofGod. But WAS Paul oftheCabinet Councel?knew he the whole Councel of God? Is there not a height and depth of his Councels that none can reach ? Ho wthen faithhe,/ have not fhunned to declare unto you , all the Cowell' ofGod ? The tneaning is, all that of his Counfell which he bath made known to me, I have made known to you: not that Paul knew all theCouncels of God, no nor any Mae! in heaven ; and when we make others know what we our ?elves know of the Councel ofGod, this is the difchargeof our duty : and fuch a man may fay with Paul, Ihave declared unto you the whole Councel of God, as to matters of faith and repentance, as to what, concerneth you to beleeveand doe. The Councels of God areof two forts firfl,what he himfelfe will doe ; fecondly, what his will is we fliould doe:The former councel he hash but fparin; ly,madeknown tous, but when andas farr as he doth,wemufl not conceale them. As he elifcharged the Prophet in that cafe ( 7er. 26.2. ) Diminifhnot a word. The latter fully. We are not to conceale the former fo farte as theyare revealed in the word; as for the latter, they being fullyrevealed in the Word, we muff reveale