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Cbap.27. An Exp?fiton npon the Book of Jos. Verf,i3, 133' and theheritage ofoppreffors - whicb theyfhallreceivefranode .41- mighty. .Yet there isa difference between fob and Zophar in expreffing one and the fame thing.Zophar faith,This is the portionof awicked manfromGod, &c. In this place f ob faith, This is the portionofa wickedman withGods ghat is,whichGod bath in (lore, which God bath laid up by him to Inflicek upon him whenever be feeth the fittefl fetfon and opportunity? Zophar fpeaks of the portion as givenout fob fpeaks of it as laid up; it is with god faith Sob ; it is fromGod faith Zophar. This way of fob in fpcaking his mind to thispoynt,aníwers what he faid in the tail claufe of the former verfe ;7hat which is with the AlmightyI will not conceale. Now here he faith,This is the portion ofa wickedmanwith God. Though he feenie to receive at prefent a faire and comfortable portion from God, yet there is anotherportion, evena portionof wrath, which he bath a purpofe to give out untohim. in , the latter claufe the fame difference is obfervable ; There Zophar faid, and the heritage appoynted to him by God t here fob faith,and the heritageofoppreffors,whicb they(pull receivefrom the ¡almighty :the' portion is spoken as given out by Zophar, and as laid up by fob : and fo the heritage is given out as fpoken of by Zophar,' but as tobe given out by fob : This is the heritage of op reffors, (which though they have notyet ) they (hall receive lithe Almighty. The word which we render opprefforse and Mr. rd-¡y Broughton, Tyrants, fignifies fuch perCons as are ftrorg , violent, autis:nr(. ;u terrible, powerfull, fuch as will not bend, men that are inflexible, flette newt. inexorable, fuch are oppreffors ; But the Lordbath an heritage Theod. for them, which they mull bend to, and bow their necks and their backs to,this is theheritage which they fballreceive of the Almigh- ty, of the Omnipotent. He ufeth that attribute in reference to oppreffors, they are mighty, but God is Almighty: he oppofeth the Omnipotency of God to their potency.; the ftrength of God to their fortitude;tbe dread ofGod to their reerour:.they are terri- ble and dreadful men, there is no humane ftrength candeale with them ; yet God candeale well enough with them ; There is one higher than the higefl, and fironger than the firongefl of the childrenof men. ThusSolomon fpeakes (.Ertl: ) If thoufeel opprefonofthe poore, and violent perverting oflodgment and fu- flies ina Provinceamarvaile not at the matter, for be tbat ie higher ;bar: