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Chap.27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf.t 3. 135 The Almighty God will h too bard for the mightiefl ofeviIS men. He {hall receive his portion whether he will or no ; he would not receive ir, but he mull ; here is aheritage that he hath no mind to. Moil are forward enough to receivean heritage, and think every year feaven till they come to their inheritance ; but a wicked man is very loath tocome to takepoffeflion of bis pro- per heritage, oh he would fain have God defer ir, he hath no mind to it. In the 25th of 3eremy, when the cup is carryed a- bout to the Nations (it was a fad Cup) they had no delire to drink of ir. There are Cups carryed about in Nations, which the wicked are very greedy to drink at,yea,and drink up. The drun- kard defireth his Cup, and is forty 'cis no further to the bottome; But faith God there, I will fend a cup that they haveno thiril to : carry a cup ofblood to this Nation, and that Nation, and fay unto them, drink ye and be drunk, and fpue and fall, and never rife more,becaufc ofthe Sword,whichI willfend amongyou, (Jet.2s. 27.) But what if they refufe to drink it ? Then faith God (ver. 28.) I will make them drink it whether they will or no, and it ¡hall be if they refufe to take the Cup in thy band todrink, then (halt thou jay onto them, thusfaith the Lord of Ho/ls, ye Mall certainly drink; As if the Lord had faid, I will even ferve you inyour own kind, I will powr it down your throats, as drunkards fomtimes deal with chofe that have no mind to drink their cups ; drink it, fay they, or we will powr it downyour throat. Certainly, if the wicked refute the cup ofGods wrath he will powr it down their throats. Thus the Pfalmif} defcribes the unavoydablenefsof this cup (Pfal. 7 ç. 8.) In the band of the Lord there is a Cup, and the wine is r ed,.( it is a cup of wrath and fury) it isfull ofmix- ture, and bepewreth out ofthe fame : but the dregs thereofall the wickedof theearth (hall wring them out, and drinkthem. God gives the wicked manycommands codo his will, but they refute and will not ; At laR he will give out a command for their fuffering, and thatthey (hail not be able to refute it. He will come with an irreíiflible wordof his wrath uponall thofe who have refilled the word of his grace. Againe,, Whereas yob faith, nit is the portionof . wickedmaH3 itb God and the heritage which he íh411 receive . Obfervc