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chap.27 An Expofition upon the. Book of Jos. Verf, r4, r 3 9 defred,, bis widows float' not weeps, in the latter part of the a 5th verfe. Fifthly, the lot `e or fpoyle of all the riches which he had pre- paredand heaped up for his children.As firft the Joffe or fpoyle of money(v. í6,17.) Thoughbe heaps up filver as thedaft ;fecondly, the Joffe or fpoyle of goodly apparrel, Choih he prepare raiment as thealay,he mayprepareit,but the pill (hall prat it on,and the inno. cent (halt divide the flirter. Thirdly, the Joffeor fpoyle of houfes, v.18.He buildeth bis bouts as a moth,Thus fword and famine, and plague , fweepe his pofterity from the face of the earth toan in glorious buriáll;and all his fubfcance, with the goodly furniture of his houle, yea bottles and all Ball either pun in their own hands, or fall into the hands of arangers: If his children be multiplyed, it eafor the fxvord. That's the . firft Judgment ; M if he hadPaid, though it be ,ranted that he huh Many children, yet they thak foon be cut off. Further the word which werender multiplyed, lignifies both ii to multiply andma ni e ; which latter fence gives us another ag- m"lrpltcstus, p y g f` a mognificatua. gravation of that mifery which defcends upon the off-fpringof the wicked man. Thoughhis children be many, yea though they be- come verygreat and mighty, thoughas their number encrealeth, to their riches and honour encreafe too, yet down they shall. Againe, forne by his children, underftand not only fuch as are born of him, but all his confederatesand affociates,all the friends and Allies of his family, by whom he hoped to ftrengtbenand fe- cure himfelfe while he live_d,and his elate when he dyed,even all thefe that' be but food for the fword, and fewel for tie devouring vengeance of The/word h.ere threatned, maybe taken ei- ther aridly for that I.uxrwn famous weapon of warre, and fo by a trope ( fregtt n aí Scripture ) for warre it felfe ; or it may be takenfor Mugi:ira: power, by which offenders are punifhcd, of which the fwoç: is both the infirument and the Emhleame. Whence theApoft!e faith of Rulers( Rom, r 3.3.) They bears not the fword in vaine. Or it may be underftood of the Sharpe jufticti and vengeance of sod, in what kind foever, hewing down (in- ners,( 43sut. 42.41. ) IfIwhet myglittering fward,andmy hand take hold of judgment, Iwill render vengeance to mine enemies, and reward them that bate me. Any deftroyi4g evil' is Gods T 2 fword,