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E flrì Exposition: upon the Book of J o B. Vetf.14. 14.0 Chap.z. fword, and eviil men arc called Gods {word, becaufe they are fo apt to defiroyand aftiiSt his people, (Pfßl. 17. a 3. ) Deliver my foal from the wieked,thy fword (or as we tranflate)wbich Is thy fword. Yea anddrought caufed by the extraordinary and long continued heateof the Sun, is called the (word ( the fame word fignifyingboth drought and the [word; as we may fee in the Mar gin of our large Bibles (Reat.z8.22. So that when Job faith,che wicked mans children are multiplyed for the fword , the mean- ing is extendible to Phew their liablenefs to any judgment what° foever. Yet I conceive the fword intendedby Job is force one or all thefe three. Fi rft, The fword of the Sauldier, the martial) or military (word, his children (hall dye in battei or in open warre. Secondly , The fword of a marderer ; His children (hail dye by bloody- minded men in fecret. Thirdly, The fword of the Magiftrate ; his chid iren (hall com- mit fuch crimes as (hall make them obnoxious to the (word o or- dinary juRice ; they thrill be {Woe by the Law. Ifhie children be- multiplyed, it isfor the [word, or, as the Seventy render ic,for they (laughter. The Originali is very concife. The text in termes is P.dotäda efë col- only thus, If his children be rnaltiplyel, forthfword ; We fupply rifahoquatto1 thofe words ( which more plainely make the fword the defigne . =blebraira, c:, of their multiplication) It isfor thefreard; As if it hadbeen {aid alai j gla- aliunfupplenda his children are de(tinaced or appoynted for the fword ; they are ffunt,welddli- borne and brought up for the{laughter, they arc ( as the Prophet inantur s pi; fpeakes in another cafe, (Zecb.11. 4.) The flock of(laughter. ''?° loa The (word is their portion, not to conquer with, but to fall rá ss. awed. . by ir. Hence Note ; Children are a ble f xg, and the more children the more bleJ ng, ( As hath been (hewed from other paffaget of this Booke) yet this (hall not be a bteffing to the wicktrd MO; For,as it foiloweth, it is' for thefword, that his children are multiplyed or magnified, that they aremany or great. Hence Note, Secondly ; The veryblefngsof a wickedMAa area titerfe to him. Children area bleffing, It Tweet blefling)but children for the fword.