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1 142 Chap,27. An Expofition upon the Book of J o a. Verf.tgó may notwithllanding all, as it follows in the fame place, rejoyee in the Lord andjoy to theGod ofhis falvation. When clouds and darknef a compaffe him about here below, yet precious promifes hang over hishead, ready to drop and di(fìll uponhim ; what dif- ferent ifs and thougbs Both the Scripture put inreference to the wickedand the Godly ; here is an if, or a though, his childrenbe multiplyed,and thoughheheap up fìlver as the dui'', andrayment as the clay, yet he is miferable He is unhappy , though he have all that which he calls happineffe. AGodly man bath a better fort of ifs and thougbs ; though be walkshrough the valley of the fhadow of death,yet (hall hefeare no evill, ( Pfal. 23.4. ) andagainc,( fai, 46. 2, 3.) Therefore will not wefeare, though theearth be moved, and though the maintainer be carried into themidi of the Seat though the waters thereofroare andbe troubled, though the moon., taintsAsake with the [welling thereof, &c. Here are foute thougbs, each one importing trouble enough to disquiet and fright a well- fecled man , yet the Godly man isnot ffirred ; For when thee [formes are up and thee Seas rage, even then, as it follows at the 4th verfe of the fame Praia), There is a river, the ftreames where- rof makeglad the City ofGod ; that is, the Citizens of God. Who though they may be poore, fick, difgraced, r.childleffe, yet un-. bleffed or unhappy they cannot be. Tais firff obfervation runs through the whole context, and is a truth in all as well as this part ticular, ifhis children be multiplyed it is to thefiord. Whence obferve, Thirdly ; Whenthe children ofwicked menfufer, their parentsfufer' We read (z Sam. 25. i. ) of a famine continuing three yeares together, and David enquiring of the Lord about the caufe of that fad difpenfation, was anfwered,lt is for Saul,and for his blow dy boufe,becaufe beflew the Gibeonites. Hereupon Davidcalled the gibeonites, andfailunto them; what [hall I die for you, andwhere- witball [hall Imare theAtonement,that ye maybiefs the inheritance of the Lord ? and the Gibeonites fatd unto him, we will have nojsl: ver norgold of Saul,&c.And be fetid, what you(hallfay, that will 1 doefor you. And they anfwered the King, the man that confirmed ses, btc. Let fevers men of his foni be delivered untous, and we will hang themup unto the Lord in Gibeah of Saul. And the Kinglaid 1will give them. But the King feared Mephibofheth thefon ofJona- than,