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Chap.27, An Expofiton upon the Book of J o s. Verf34, r43 than, the fon ofSaid, becatefe of the Lords oath,&c. and delivered (even others to be hanged. Here we fee Jonathan a good man(pa- red in the fparing of his Son. And Saul aman from whom God was departed fmïttenand punif ied in his feven Sons or Grand- children delivered up todeath. How dreadful! a Tragedy is that which is floryedof r,4bab Ions(2.K;ngs to.7.)Ahab was a wic- kedman, and he had many Ions who were all brought forth to the 'Word, upon the receit of febu'sLetter to the Rulers of Samaria, 'o faith the holy Flory ; they take the Kings Eons, and flew feventy ptrfons, andpat their beads to baskets, and fent him them to fex,- reel. I fuppofe fuch a prefent in all poynts was never lent to any Prince, either before or flocs unto this day. Iris wonde'tull to beare of a mans ions multiplyed to fevenry. Butto lee them all multiplyed to the fword,and thine as one than in one day is a flu- pendious Judgment of God. Take one inflwnce more ; Haman multiplyed Ions, He had ten, but they were multiplyed to the 'word,( Heft, 9.10.) The ten Sons ofHaman the Son ofbamme- datba,the enemy ofthe few:, theyflew, &c. The Prophet denoun- ceth a dreadful'. threatning ( Hof. 9.13. ) Ephraim ,as 1faro Ty_ rats, is planted in a pleafant place : but Ephraim /hall bringforthhis children to themurderer. That is,his children (hall be murdered. And hence fame conceive,that theProphet forefeeing thisheavy Judgment coming upon Ephraim, prayeth in the next verle ( after he had been a while at a paule inhis ownfpirir, what to ask of God for them, (v. 14.) give them,O Lord : what wilt thou Live ? give thema mi'carrying womb, and dry breafts ; M if he had faid,0 Lord,let thembe barren andbring forth no children, rather than that their children fhould be multiplied to the fword,' and brought forth ro the (laughter. Inwhich fence Chrifi himfelf fa?tlí, ( Luke 3 3. 29 ) Behold the¿ayes are coming, in the which they /hallfay,Bleffed are thebarren, and the wombs thatnever bare, and thepaps which nevergave fuck,. This is a fad cafe, when that which is in it felfe a curie, is to be reckoned among our bleflings. Better it is to have no children than to have them brought forth tothe murderer, or as fob bere fpeaks, to have, themmultiplyed to the freord. and his offpring fhall not befatisfeedwith bread. Such as the fword fhallfpare,famine (halleat up and devourer when