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r S i Chap 27. An Expoftion upan the Bsok of J o E'. Vert./ s yet looking upon it in its own nature, he might fay, thole Pak dye and not live, as well as he Paid foby dire orderfrom the Lord. And heput this warningpeece for death, both in the aff aracive, and in the negative, to thew the undenyabie lequel of death in fuch acafe,,unleffe the Lord ( at whore command life and death, health and fickneffes are) would pleafe to give a countermand, As the wortt of our fpirituall difeafes is the Plagasof theheart, (t Kings 3.38, ) fo theworfi of outward difeafes is the ?Laps o f thebody. Andbigwidower mewl.weepe. The words feem to (peak only of one husband, butofmany widowes,which force fay job doch, becaufe the Ancients in chofe Viduas Altai- parts had many wives, yet we may expound it d t ributively, not ter dicit, quad collccìvely,Hìr widdower, that is,Thewiddowesof every one of fepeNitresus- them,and that makes the fencemore full andcmphatical, asif over boberent hehad faid, thin fhall be the temper of every one of their wid- weterer á1íá. P Y 1Ylerc. dowes,one (hall nrt b more tender- hearted or affe&ionatethan another : when their husbands dye, they (hail all be like fomany fi ocks or (tones in that dolefull day. His widdowes¡ballnot weeps. tádustto"3 to Jr maybe Qrefiioned, why they fhould not ? Say force, his widdows that! not weepe, for they (hill be robust quopt- cut off too bis children and wives (hall be (lain to ether and uiut menemur, o fo none left to weepe. But this israther to take away the fubje& of the Q efiion,than toanfwer to it. And therefore we mutt fiap-. pole his widower living , and inquire, why they are not weeping, there being nothingmore proper for a widdww than mares at the remembrance of her late decoded husband. We may anfwer, Fitt+, they weepe not beingovercome with the grearne a of their trouble, and terror of the Judgment. To lofe a husband Cure lever la; any way is agreat affli&ion, but to have a husband rnatchc away quunriq'gso"" by forceextraordinary death is greater. Nowgreat af31i&ions flop sea fPalenr. Rau ecerkb the natu*all courfe of teares, They ask were, dry up the Springs tuners aqua- of forrow, or at lefi hinder.tbemfrom fl , wine fo,rh. Lightfor- fluCarenr,Sen. rowerfpe4e out andwake a noife i t Lamp tatiour, hat vaft for. änOedip, rower fpend tbemfelves in an awazed flenas and affonifhment, e+= Thus