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Chap, a7. AuExp'ßtitie upon the Dinkel o s. Vedas. t 5; Thus the Lord forbad 6zrk;rls mootping for thedeathof his wife, the&fire of his eyes,tora fagne to the jerees that he would bring xrQC] .xo rc fuch acalamity upon theirmofi defireable things, their ions ant dfunt.indfle- theirdaughters,as should exceed mourning(Lz.elf.24.21,22,23.) tag; wagrc$ neturum ats- Behold, Iwill prophane myfantuary,tbe excellency of your firength ru+nq, anime the dcfrre of your eyes, a r1 that which yourfoul ?rich ; and your Joe. re- finer and your daughter: wnornye have left (hall fall by the [word: maii; Virg.;. andye ¡hall not doe as Ihave lone, ye (hall not cover your ltps,nor eat meil the bread ofmen, and your tires (hall be uponyour beads, and your ¡does upon your feete (that is, ye gall not ufe anygefiures, nor make any (igncs of forrow, as it folloeves) yefhali not mourne nor weep, but yePall pine away in your iniquities, and mourne one to- wards another; As if he had faid, your mife'yes and fuffcrings (hall be fuch as open mourning cannot expre(fe,but ye (hai( con- fume away in acupid and defperate fencele(nefsunder them. Secondly When he faith, His widower ¡hall not weep, it may note the wortblefnefre andwickedneffe of their husbands. Their bafenefs was Nthwhile they lived, that their neereff relations wouldnorbefiow a teere upon them, when they were dead.Ir is laid of wicked PhononKing of fudah (2Chron. 21. 20. ) That bedyed without being defired; that is, none de(ired that he fhould live any longer, all wereweary of him. Now they who dye uncle- fired, dye alfo unlamented. No man grieves for the lofìe of that either perfonor thing, which he did not delire. And when 'Lis laidhere, Hie widows full not weepe, the meaning is, that none fha11; wnen they who arc neereff related ( being one fle(h with thedefeated ) mourne not, it cannot be fuppofed that others should, Thirdly, Thefe words, His widow.fhail not wetpcmay fignifie that he (hall not have any folemne buryall, as was touched before; Weeping and lamentation are the moll proper funeral mufick ; thennothing founds fo well as a figh, nor is any thing then Co much in feafon ai a teare. In Rama was there a voyce heard (Math. 2..8.ghat voyce ?) Lamentation, andweeping, andgreat mourning, Rachel weeping for ber ebildren andwould not beeomfor- tad, ( and why fo ? the reafon is added ) becanfe they were net; that is, they were not alive but dead..But here faith 77ob, Hus- bInds arc nor, and their wi =o«es weepe not ; Mwives,they had no comfort in them, & as widowcs they had no fomrow for them, X l Ater