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Chap.$.7, An Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Veda 9, ;69 that he (hall even lyein the (}recces, or by thehigh way fide, no man affording him either fo much refpec?; or pity as togather him up,=.hat is,to receive him intohis houfe,or give him lodging; He (hall be not only poore, but forfaken and forlorne ; in purfu- ance of which fence the latter claufe of the verfe is thus rendred; He openeth his eyes, and there is none, that is, he being in thisex- tremity, (hall Tooke round about him for helpe, but !ball find none to receive him. Greatefi/iater havegreateft turner, They who cart down others, (hall fall down themfelves and have none tohelp: them up. How often are oppreffors crufhed, and they who have unjufly fpoyled othersof their comforts,juftly denyed the fn allefI curtefie. Thirdly, our tranflaters ( and fo doe moti) underhand the words lying down, of dying or of a lying down in death ; and chofe negative words, Hepall nee 6egathered, of his want of bu- ryall. We find theword gathered, applyed expre(ly to the grave ( 2 Kings 2 ,. 20. ) where the Lord promifeth that young goodKing Jofiah, that he (hall not fee the evills prophe(ìcd a- gainaYerufalem. Behold 1 wi'l gather thee unto thy fathers, and thouJhalt begathered unto thygrave in peace, &c. As tobe gathe- red to our Fathers, or to our people, is to dye (Num. ìo. 26. Num. 31. z.) So to be gathered to the grave is to be burycd ; and we read of gathering and burying put together, Prem. 8.2 Jer. t z: 1.3. They Jhafi not begathered nor be buryed,but(hall be for dungupon thefact of theEarth. So that not to be gathered, im- plyeth not only ( as fome interpret) the want of an honourable buryall, butthe want of any buryall at all. And Job in fpeaking thus, feemes prophetically to threaten the wicked rich man,who aboundeth in all things while he lived, with the denial! of agrave or hone( interrement when he lhould dye: which ( as the ab= horrence of nature ) hathbeen adjudged for the puni(hment of publick enemies and trangreffors of the Lavves of nature. And ( in the Judgment of Solomon, Eccl: 6. 3. ) this want of buryall is accounted and call up for a greater evril than abortion or an untimely birth. If(faith he) a manbeget an hundred children live many yeares, fo that thedayes ofhis yearesbemany, and his foulbe notfilled with good, and alfo thathe haveno burial ; flay, that an untimelybirth (that is, one that is borne before his time, and dyeth before or as fop ;asborne) it better than he. Matter Z Broughton