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Chap. 27. an Expof/tìon upon the B00%of J o B. VerC.i. table is a Candle in a darke!anchor ne, there's light in it, but dark- neffe about it , you muía open the lanthorn before you can fee the light, or fee any thing by its light. Yet (=times afpeech or difcourfe is a parable, or darke, not fomuch by any intrinfecall obfcuriry,as by the hearers incapacity. The dulnefs and indifpofì-- don of man, makes that adarke and hard faying tohim, which is not fo in it (elfe, Math. t 3.13) 14,15 Thirdly, Any fimilitude or refcmblanccs from things in hea- ven or things onearth, is a parable. Fourthly , Amans judgment or opinion , in any cafe is his parable : everymans opinion,whether true or falfe , is a,parable to him,and he would have it foto others, that is, he would have it a ruling fentence. Thus Mr Broughton tranflates this text, and 3o6 proceeded to continue his oration ; and another, fob proceeded to deliver bis opinion ; fo that a mans opinion or fentence(be it what it will) is his parable, or that which rules him, and which he de- firesmay rule all others. Moll men would have everySheafe bów to theirs; and fome have a higher ambition to make the minds and judgements of men (loop to them, than everany had to make the bodyes of men loope to them : They would haveevery opi- nion of theirs aparable, like a Prince upon the throne, giving the law or rule to others. So much for the nature and extent of the word,by which job expreffeth all that he had to fay, parable. Hence Obferve. Truth wifely worded and delivered bath a commandingPower in it It is a Parable. As it commands the wife, and they fubmit to it ; fo k com. mandsthe wicked, and they (hall fall before it : Error and (inne íhall fall'before it, Blafphemy and herefie (hall fall before it ; Every thingthat's contrary to found doh rine Ihall fall before the commanding Powerof a holyParable. What the Apoffle faith of Rulersor of Earthly Powers,( Rom. 13. z.) Let every foule befubjeal to the higherPowers ; that I may fay of Truth, let every foule befubjed to it, for that's aPower & that's a higherPower , that's GodsPower; indeed ; truth is the,Power of God;and I may fay (as there it followes ) be that refifietb this Power of God, re- ceivctb tobimfelf damnation; yea, I may fay to every holy parable as'tisfaid(mfalm. 45.4. )Ride on in thy Majefly, rideprofperoufïy, heroic