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Chap. 2,7. An Expofition upon the Bosk of J o a. becattfeoftruth, and neeekneffe, and righteoufnefre, and thy right hand (hall teach thee terrible things. Truth çarriedhforth in the hand, and by the power and fpiriç of Jefus Chrif;:,will do terrible things, it will cotquer, and go forth Conqueringand to conquer ; it will be more thanaConqueror.Howmany are the trophies that truthbath brought in ! and how much the blood (as I may fay ) that truthhash flied of the Enemies that oppofed it! Hence pb fpake triumphantly, when he law his friends fallen before it ; his fpeech was a ruling fpeech,and his opinion obtained. 2'oreover, fob Continued his parable, andfaid,. And what laid he ? Verf. 2. As God livethwho bath taken away my Judgment. and the Almighty, who bath vexed my Joule. He begins fomewhat firangely, with an oath, As God liveth; Sob continues his parable through this, and the next Chapter r and in this parable he doth infili upon thefe two. Particulars ( which may give you a little difcovery of the whole, before , come to the parts) Fir(f, He infi(is upon the vindication of his owne Innocency tothe eleventh verfe of this Chapter. Secondly, He proceedsto the refutation of his friends, or op- pofers arguments, whereby they would prove him wicked ; and he doth it by fliewing, that though the Judgments of God over- take wicked men very often in this,fife, yet that every one is not wicked that is overtakenby Judgments, nor are all wicked men fo overtaken ; this he continue's from the I ith verfe excufive ly to the end of the 28th Chapter. Thee words ( from the firfl to the 4th verfe)are apart of the . liirfl part ; or the vindication of his innocency : in which he Both two thine% Fi ll,heprofe.f eth that he is innocent, verf. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Secondly, Ho gives proofe of it ,verfe, 7, 8, 9, to, i a He cleares his Innocency by profefIontwo wayes. Fir(}, By calling God to witneffe by a folemne oath that it was fotind thishe doth in the 2, 3,nnd 4.verfes. Secondly, By hewing that he fboulddoe an a& orvery grear injuflice.and unrighteoufnefíe to úicnfelfe, if he fhould fay Other- C wife,. -----. Verf. 2. 9