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Chap.27. An Expofttorrsspon the Bole of Jos. Verf.'g. 173 He openeth his eyes, and he it not. Which words are interpreted by fome,as adefcription of the rich mans fudden death. As if job had faid , He dyeth in the Tam tiro peril opening of an eye. And trits'cis paraleld with that fpeech of the quoin ocuros, ApoRie (r CO". i 5. 5 2. ) In the twinkling ofan eye. As foon funs aperit. as his eye can open or twinkle he is gone, and,as it foiloweth, He Druf. is not; that is,he i not alive or among the living. They who live not, are fpoken of as if they were not, or had no being, yea, as if theyhad never been. There is yet another rendring of chafe words, which makes the perfon openinghis eyes diflino& or another from him that dyeth. So Mr. Broughton, One openethbis eyes,andbe is gone; as if he had Paid, when any neighbour, friend, or brocher,looks for him, and would converfe with him, he is deadand gone. And thus job fpake at the 7th Chapter concerning'his own mortality andfleet- ing condition in thislife (v. 7i 8.) 0 remember that my life is dude: mine eyes fhail no mors fee good ,the eye of him that bath feels me (hallfeeme no more. And Zophar fpeakes the fame of the wick- ed(Cb.n®g. ) The eye Alfa which taw him (hall fee bins no more.' SoDavid( Pfal. 37.3.6. ) I have Pen the wicked ingreat power, And fpreadinghirrfelf like a green bay tree.; yet hepaffeth away,and loe he was not, yea I fought him, but he could not befound. All which paffages fully expreffe the fence of this tranflation.Oneopeneth his eyes (to feekand find hirmout ) an he is gone there is no more to be leen, or had of him, only much evil! is to be heard of him. All thefe readings and fenfings of theft words and of the whole verfe,though fomewbat varying and diffenting from one another, doe yet center in this general! truth (which is jobs fcope) that wicked men,how rich foever,are as fubje& to death,and the con- fequence of it,as any other; and that many times,vvhen they dye theywant chofe common:refpe &s which others have : and that their riches are fo farr frombeingany helpe to them after this life, that theycannot helpe them to a grave or funerali when they dye. job bath not yet done with his fad narrative of the wicked man, but proceeds CO pheweither thedreadful! manner of his de- parture, or rapture rather, out of this world, or fame flrange vio- lent and unexpe&ed evills,both inward and outward,befalling or rather falling upon him in thislife. Vert, 20.,