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174 Chap.27, An Expofition upon the Book of ] e' B. Verf.2o Verf 2o,7 errrurs take hold on him as waters :a tempefi fiealcth him away in thenight. This verfe aggravates the miferyof a wicked man, whether li- ving or dying, by a double fimilitude. The one taken from a deluge or inundation of waters; The other from a tempe{} or ílorm of wind,. Terrours talc bold on him as waters. Three things are to beenquired for the opening of this former part of theverfe. Fief}, What we are to underfland by Terrors. Secondly,how thefe Terrors may be Paid to take hold, or that this taking hold implyeth. Thirdly, How they, are laid to take hold, as waters. 3'11 in,erro- For the frr(l. The Originali word notes the extreamea diaur rus a bance and hurry of the whole man, as wasfhewed in the nth asrbari, concur- Chapter at the i 1 th verfe. Terror is feare to a(lonifbment.Thus bon, cerrer,, it is Paid (Gen.3 5. 5.) that when Jacob and his family journeyed towards Bethel, the terreur of god (that is a great terrour, or a terreur caufed by the immediate hand of God) was upon theCi- eyes that were round aboutthem,and they did not (for theydur{$ not)pnrfuea¡ter. thefont of Jacob. And with this theLord threat- ned hisown people, in cafe his feare were not before their eyes to keepe them from (in ( Lev: 26. 16. ) I al fo will doe this unto yew, dwill even appoynt terreur over you, &c. As if the Lord had laid, if ye will not obeyme as your King in love,Terrour (hall be your King. Death, the Kingof terrours, is very dreadfull; but it is far more dread.fa1 to have terreur for our King. Terrour is taken two wayes inScripture. Fir(l, Fo .CC thòfe things whichcaufe terreur, or make us great- ly afraid. ;'hu;'the Judgments of God are called terrours(Pfal, 73.19. ) Mow are they brought to defelarion, ai in amoment, they are utterly confirmed with terreurs; that is, with terrible Judg- ments. And as judgments, fo the la(l Judgment is called ter- roui,b:caufeit (hall arike the unbelievingand impenitent world of men with fo much terrour (2 Cor. 5. t o,) Any great danger, any unufuall or unheard of troubles caufe terreur, and are there- fore called'Terr$urs. Secondy,