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Chap.27. An Expsfition upon the ilook of J o B. Verf.zo. aót and both was and will be in thofe fpeciall dayes of the Son of man ( Luke t7. z6.) fo it hath been and Bill is in the dayesof the vengeance of God ; Men are fecure, they eat, they drink, they marry, they are given in marriage, till the flood cometh and de- flroyeth, till the tempefl cometh and fcartereth them all. They who have a minde Co continue in fin, cannot minds enfuing trou- bles c and choofe rather to leave themfelves to utmofl hazzard when they come, than trouble themfelves with the thought and tile ofthofe meancs,which might prevent their coming. Though they have tome feare, yet they have an bver-ballancing hope or prefumption rather, that the tempefl will not come, or if it doth that it will quickly blow over; and it muff needs be,that all thofe evillsfhould {leak upon us,or (leafs us away when they come, which we prefume will never come. Thirdly,Obferve; God knowetb how to, and willfo time, and circumffantiate the judgments which come upon .wicked`men, at (hall make them moll troublefomandgrmoos to be borne. Every thing( faith Solomon ) rs beautifullin its feafon, and there are many feafons which make things very dreadful;So doth the night (in either of the notions ópened)a forme or Tempefl. Let us take heed, leaf while we add provoking aggravations to our fins from the timesand feafons wherein we commit them, that we do not provoke the Lord to add prefling aggravations to our troubles from the time and feafon in whichhe fends them. If we fin in theday time,thatis,in naturall or moral,but efpecial- 1 y infpiritual or f ofpel light, no marvaile if the Lord command a tempe(l togoe forth and (+sale us away in the night. Is it not equall that the Judgments of God fhould fleale thofe away as in the night, who ileale away from the will and wayes of God in the day ? in the cleareft dayes of Gofpel light, or when Gofpel light hath made the clearefl day ? if men turneday into night morally, the Lord can loon turne their day into nightjudicially,cornmand- ing their Sun tò let at Noon. And then either night (hall ficale upon them,or atçmpefl (halt (leafs them away in the nighr;yeaas it followeth in the next verfe, Ilurletb them out of their place. JOB,