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182 Chap.2 .. .dn Expofition upon the Beek of J oa. J O B,Chap. 27. Verf. 2x,22,28. TheFall-windcarriethhim away, andhe departeth and as afiorme hurleth him out of his place. For God(hall call upon him, andnot (pare: he would faine fleeout ofhis hand._ . Menpall clap their handsat hine,and(hallhi,fe him out of hisplace. OB is aill defcribing the fad conclufion of the wicked man. In the former verfe we read of a tempeffftealing him away in the night; and here of anLaft-wind that carriethhim away.Some fup- pofe that by the former is meant a tempefl at Sea, and by this a forme at land fo that he is difirefl bothby Sea andby land ; but we neede not Hand upon fuchniceties. ¡VIP per it') The Eaft-windcarrieth him away. lipfe pro tilt t'i? qu°ß : The EAR-wind or a winde out ofthe Eafl,he Scripture fpeaks anterior etpre« often of this Eaf-winde, and thereare two things which are moft r,,outié targreriAcon iderable in it ; Firff,thatit is a very fierceand violent wind ; orsmundipartefecondly,that it is a parching,drying, witheringwind. This wind fpsrot. Pifc, is famous in Scripture, andgreat things have been done by ir. (Exod: to. 13.) Mofesflretched forth his rod over the-land of E- gypt,andthe Lord brought anEiji-wind upon the Land,afi theday and all the night ; and when it was morning the Eaft-wind brought the locufts. And hi the r4th Chapter of the fame book (v.21. ) Mofes ftretcht out his hand over theSea,and theLord caged eheSea togoe back byaftrong Eaft-wind all the night , and made the Sea dry, and the waters were divided. An Eifl-wind brought that plague of the Iocuffs uponEgypt, and a thongBall -wind divided the fea for the Ifraelites, inmercy to them, and in judgment to the Egyptians. We read of the firen thofthis wind(Al 27.14) where that dreadful Sea-fiorme is thusdefcribed,But not longaf- ter there arofe again(t it a ten:peltTOW wind, called Euroclydon fo called of the Eatsfrom whence it bloweth.Yet Naturaliills tell us that Euroclidon doth not fagnifie any particular wind, but any ternpeflucus wind, or thong guff, bccaufe fuch winds ufually come