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Chap. 27. an Expofition upon theBeokof J o za. .Verf. 22'. to thefidesof thePit ; there is Hell oppofed to Heaven. Hell fig- Lifts e the Iowefi and worff condition, as Heaven the higheff and the beff. The Affyrians Heaven could not fecure him againff this Hell;The Heaven that God will give the Saints fhall fecure them for ever againfi Hell but the Heaven which wicked men make CO themfeives, cannot fecure them againft this or chat Hell ; A worldly Heaven cannot fecureus againff -a worldly He11,(3er. 2z. I y.) Shalt thou reign besaufe then clofeft thyfelf in Cedar? did not thy Father eat and drink, and do 3udgment,and.uflice, and then it was well with him hear how the Lord [peaks to him inthe 3th verfe, Wountohim that buildetbbin boufe ey eenri btenefnefs, and his Chambers by wrong, that ufeth his neighbours fervice with- out wages,andgivethhim not for his work ;. Thatfaith, Iwill build me a wide hoofe,and large Cha btrs,and cuttetbhim ost windows, and it it coiled with Cedar and painted with .Vermilion. Dpfl chou think shy felf fafe, becaufe chow half a great houle ? No faith the Lord,' will put thee out of thy'palace,though thou clofcffïhy felf with Cedar. Now, Babylon ( Rev. 13. 7, 8.) faith in her heart, Ifit as a Qpeen, and am no widow, andpall fee nofar- row. But what faith Cod in his Word ? it follows ; Therefarfher Plagues[hall come uponber in oneday. I remember the fiory of ,Alexander, who marcht with his Army to the. Sogdian Rock, in which fame were fo confident of fafety agaicil hisviaorious forces, that when Alexander fate down before the Rock, chofe within [corned him, and asked him whether his Souldiers had wings, or could fly, if not, they thought it impoffible that they fheuld come there ; But Alexander made them under:land that his Souldiers had wings; for they fform'd and cook the place foon after. Much more may the Lord fay to chofe who have greateft ffrengch and power, co chore who are fo high that none but the focales of the air can come at them, .1 have winged Meffengers that can loon [cafe andadvance to the top of yourRock, and hurle you out of yourplace. As there is no firength without the Lord, f'o there is no ffrength again[[ the Lord,as appeares yet morefully 90 the next verfe. Verf., 2 2. For God ¡hall salt upon him, andnot fpare : he would fain flee out ofhis hard. htwordGod isnot expreff in the Ii-bráw, therefore we put it in