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Clap. 27 n Expefition upen the Book of J o B. verf.. 22. $ in adifferent chara6 er, the text is onely, He [hail cgs uponbirr, &c. But we may eafily íupr)ofe who is the A!<chor or efficient caufe of thefe evilis follo ing and falling upon the evil man; theFIR, wind is in the hand of the Lord, he holdeth that meta" pho:ical wind in bis fi/ä`, as well as the natural, both are alike in his power. Even things not onely without reafor,bucwithout fetife obey him, and are at his call ; Cfod ¡hall call ternhim. Yec Others 'undecRand theEaf wind fpoken of before ; That; hay- ingcarried him away (hall cafe upon hins,and not (pare, the Iiorme fhall powr` forrow enough uponhim ; but rarher;as we,Godfiale call uponbin). The wordwhich we render, to cafe, bath a fpecial reference co the cagingof Darts from an high place upon thole evho are below. The word is ufed (`Pfal, 147, t7.) He ca,$eth forthhie Ice like morfels ; who can ¡bandbefore the cold ? And again ( Lament. 1.)How bath the Lord covered the daughters of Ztor. with a Closed in his anger, andcall down from Heaven unto the earth, thebeauty of Sion. TheLord fometimes down the beauty of Sion to the earth, and he will for ever call down the beauty of Babylon, and the fupporters of Babylon to the ground. IfJudgment beginat thehouf e ofGod ( faith the Apollle,a Pet. q.. 17,58. )what (hall the end of them he that obey not theGofpel ofGod? and ifthe righteous fcarcely befaved, where ¡ball the ungodly and fence. appear ? certainly God fhall call upon him, ani not(pare. But what (hall he cal upon him ? FirR, In general (as was (hewed from the former words ) any thing which map afflia or trouble, vex, orrnoleR him, conceive what you will, lit down and imagine what evil you can, God íhall call that upon him, as a Darr,as a fhowre of Darts and Rones from on high upon him. Secondly, Thus, God ¡hall call that upon him vs'hichhe hash deferved,and rhatis bad enough. Thirdly, God (hall aft the Roane before fpoken of upon him. Fourthly, God (hall cart himfelf upon him, he (ball rufh up- Ruer in `urn, on him,and fo crufh him topeices ; Godhimfelf falls upon wick- Eez deus uttor.. ed men in all filch troubles as are beyond the power of men As Godoffers himfelf into the armes and bgfomes of his people \, in